Modestly Returning …

Firstly I wanted to say thank you so much for all the wonderful emails and texts enquiring after my health and well-being, since I rather abruptly ceased posting here at the beginning of Autumn 2023.

I hope you all received my personal replies, but just in case some went missing in the ether, I can’t thank you all enough. It was truly heart-warming to have received so many lovely words and messages … and, as I said I hoped I would be … I am now back. Perhaps with not as much frequency as previously, but still I hope with as much enthusiasm to promote body positive and sex positive issues as before. Especially of course, for those of us who have reached that “more mature” stage of our lives.

And … for those of you who may not have received my personal “email update reply” … or are finding me here for the first time … the reason(s) for my 8 month disappearance was a combination of family ill-health issues (not mine or Hubby), and re-settling into a new life far from our family home of over 30 years in London.

So, yes both Hubby and I are healthy and well … and finally beginning to re-invigorate ourselves in our new environment … and looking forward to many more years of fun and sexcitement !!!

So I hope you will join us here in our further adventures in the coming months and years.

Unfortunately, much of our content here at Modesty Ablaze was corrupted and lost during our “move” … including all postings after December 2021 and many of the links, and photo-galleries, throughout my pages here have also been lost and broken.

Hubby will slowly be working through the pages and links to try to “restore and repair” as much as is possible … but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy the new content, both words and photos!!! AND if you do come across any broken links in my previous postings, or in my Scavenger Hunt, MakeLoveNotPorn, Hotwife Diaries or Femdom pages please do let me know from the response form on myContactpage.

And, as always, please do let me know of any questions or requests, from the comments section … or from myContactpage links.

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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3 Responses to Modestly Returning …

  1. Oh yay. So lovely to see you back


  2. Knightsky

    Great to see you back again modesty

  3. It’s good to see you again. Nice to hear your hubby to doing
    repair work on your website. Wishing you much joy with your return.

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