A Modest spur-of-the-moment Moment #wickedwednesday

Trigger Warning: The following is an excerpt from “The Journey”, Part 1 of my “The Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife”, and recounts a situation which would not be safe, or sensible, in today’s world. But then this was in the late 90’s …

The Journey - Part 1 of the Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife

This is the entry I wasn’t going to write . . .

Hubby’s initial reaction to my “mis-adventure” brought me down to earth to the realities of our situation. But over the past few days and nights as we both re-counted, re-explored, and re-lived the details of last Monday, it’s suddenly become alright again. Re-discovering each other all over again, has been just simply glorious and that feeling of release and “sharing” feeling has been an explosion of emotions and enjoyment all over again. We’ve been like newly-weds the last two nights, and especially again after this morning when we actually confronted the subject of my adventure.

So . . . whilst we all do things on the “spur of the moment” . . . things that we often live to regret . . . I’ve always believed that I was able to perfectly control my emotions and desires and never embarrass myself on a “personal relationship” issue. But on Monday I did something completely irrational and silly that could easily have gone completely wrong, or worse-still, ruined Hubby’s trust in my ability to judge what is “ok” and what is not “ok” in our relationship.

I had booked a day-off from the office to manage a family appointment. On my way home from the first part of my errand, I decided to pop-into my gym as I’d had to miss my normal Sunday morning work-out for the past few weeks.

Unlike the normal weekend-mornings, there was virtually nobody else around and I had most of the equipment to myself … after just a few minutes though I was joined by one of the regular trainers from our Sunday morning classes.

He’s a young Canadian and has always been very helpful and attentive and has that bouncy outgoing charm and chat that seems natural for so many North Americans! Hubby had often remarked in the past that he “obviously has a thing for you” and I’d enjoyed exchanging flirty comments and teasing with him on numerous occasions. Even without Hubby around, it just seemed natural to continue with our normal conversations and teasing jokes and jibes. I explained the reasons for my unexpected week-day presence and found myself enjoying his undivided attention and company.

He was just finishing his shift and his invitation to join him for a “winding-down session and massage” at his house “just around the corner” came so out-of-the-blue, and yet so easily and naturally, that to my complete astonishment I found myself saying “yes alright then” without stopping to think! It wasn’t until I gathered my belongings from the locker and walked out into the corridor where he was waiting, that it suddenly hit me just exactly what I’d agreed to.

He was still chatting non-stop as we walked towards my car, his words and voice unintentionally distracting me from the sudden panic-attack thoughts racing round in my head. My throat was dry and my heart pumping as we reached the car with me desperately trying to think of some viable way of changing my mind. Here I was accepting directions from, and driving-off with, a young man whom I knew almost nothing about and who was almost half my age.

It was already too-late of course, and as I drove I felt tingly flashes of excitement as well as the flashes of doubt! “In for a penny, in for a pound” I reassured myself in my head. The house he shared was indeed only a few streets from the gym. And he led me into the kitchen explaining that his housemates would all be out at work doing “normal 9 to 5’s”.

(to be continued if you ask me nicely)!!!

The above is an excerpt from a Chapter from “The Journey”, the first of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” Ebooks published at my Amazon, Gumroad, Mistresses Fun Store and Etsy pages (where there is a Special Xmas 15% off Discount promotion running until January 4th). And I think it fits in quite well with this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday … which is Life Lessons … which I suggest you visit by clicking on the lovely rainbow button below!


As is always the case in my Modesty Ablaze Diaries editions, the names of all of my “friends” here have been changed for the purpose of maintaining anonymity!

Xxx- K

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  1. Sometimes spur of the moment things get you the most exciting experiences… and those were different times 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. As soon as I read the start I was going to continue lol – looking forward to the next bit!
    May xx

  3. Sally

    I remember this story K. Now going back to my copy to read again 🙂

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