Modest Sinful Splash … #sinfulsunday

Modest Sinful Splash Tulips Red Ass

As I mentioned in my Members Newsletter a few days ago, I always try to post at Sinful Sunday every week, and this week’s theme is “Colour Splash”.

But it’s been such a busy, busy week, that I knew I just wouldn’t have the time to be properly creative enough to comply properly with the theme.

So, instead … I’m hoping that this “splash” of my favourite colour from some of yesterday’s “busy-ness” … might be acceptable?

But don’t despair … because if it doesn’t quite Full-Fill the theme … I’m sure there will be much more creative imagery to be enjoyed by, pushing gently, on the Sinful Sunday lips below!!!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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9 Responses to Modest Sinful Splash … #sinfulsunday

  1. That is quite a colour and I think you’ve probably smashed that theme and that arse! Love it.
    Missy x

  2. Now that is quite some colour indeed!


  3. What excellent colour in this image, love it x

  4. Bee

    I think that’s a lovely way to flash some colour.

  5. No editing tricks could do anything more to highlight that already spectacular rosy glow!

  6. I think there is a good splash of colour there.

  7. That’s a really nice splash!
    ~ Marie xox

  8. Sally

    You do have lots of fun K 🙂

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