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Modesty Ablaze Visible Panty Line KOTW

It had been over three years since Vince had first visited from the Paris office. His boyish good looks and stylish demeanour had me swooning even before I heard him speak with that lovely, so lovely, French accent.

It had been my task to introduce him around the office and begin arranging his first client briefings and meetings. And within two days the CEO decided to add the organisation of his diary to my already busy workload.

But, as you will already know if you’ve read my previous mentions of him in my The Journey, Arrivals & Departures and The Balcony Ebooks here, my initial upset at being given this unwanted responsibility was soon swayed by the young Frenchman’s wit and charm. And it wasn’t long after his first brief stay in London, before our relationship developed into more … much more.

The next two years of his regular visits back and forth between London and Paris always meant at least two or three wonderfully passionate “after work” evenings at the company apartment that was always his for the duration of his stays.

But being a passionate lover wasn’t his only talent and within three years he’d risen up the ranks in the company to quickly become Director of European Operations and his visits became less frequent and for just for a few days at a time. I was no longer in charge of his diary of course, but he’d always call to give me prior notice of his next visit so that I could pre-arrange an “evening out”.

So I was surprised when he breezed into the office on Wednesday morning asking if an office could be arranged for the next two days.

“You didn’t call” I said, resisting my urge to want to jump up and give him a welcoming embrace, despite the fact that he was giving his normal peck on each cheek and vigorous hand shakes and flourishing gestures, to everyone else in the office.

When he did turn back to speak to me, there wasn’t even a hint of apology as he shrugged and said “It’s been all last minute, they want me to do two urgent meetings”.

“Well it would have been nice to know in advance …” I was annoyed at myself for being annoyed, and letting him see that I was.

He leant forward with his hands on my desk smiling broadly but saying nothing. He knew he didn’t have to. “I’m sure I’ll be able to arrange a desk for you” I told him.

“Thank you my darling” he grinned, “I’ll be back at noon, see you then”.

It wasn’t difficult to book-out one of the meeting rooms, especially as it was for him, and only for two days. Two days … but what about the two nights? He’d always given me warning before, always told me how much he wanted to see me, to spend time in my arms again.

He didn’t return for the rest of the day, and didn’t return my text to say I’d blocked-out an office for him for both days. I felt like a spurned school girl as I kept checking my phone for the rest of the afternoon … and even on the journey home.

Hubby’s assertions that I was over-reacting didn’t help, and his suggestion that I should just ask him in the morning about his plans for that evening, made me even more annoyed. He’d always been the one to ask me in the past. To tease and entice me. I shouldn’t have to be the one doing the chasing.

But ….

I’ve never been one for short skirts in the office, at least not as short as many of the other girls. They were mostly younger … and more able to carry off shorter lengths and different styles than I. But as I readied for the morning commute I’d already made up mind to remind him of what he’d missed the previous night … or what he could still enjoy for the evening ahead.

I chose my favourite white blouse and tweed skirt, mid-length but loose and flirty enough to show a glimpse of the black band of my hold-ups if I tried. And I intended to try.

My long coat, and black panties, would make my bus journey into the office safe and respectable, but I planned to lose both once I arrived.

He was already in when I arrived. I could see him sitting at the desk through the blinds, on the phone and scribbling notes on the pad in front of him.

He was still on the phone when I returned from the coffee machine. I paused at the door to furtively unbutton the top three buttons on my blouse. I don’t really have a cleavage to show off, but I knew he would be able to tell I was without a bra. I knew because I’d practiced at home … and in the restroom after I’d arrived.

I closed the door behind me and walked across to his desk. He looked up and smiled a greeting, still in conversation, but pausing as I leaned forward to put his coffee on top of his writing pad. I could tell from the pause in his voice, and the excited smile, that he had seen what I’d wanted him to see.

I stepped back to the meeting table and pulled one of the chairs out and away from the desk, to sit down with my back to the blinds of the glass partition to the corridor beyond, but directly facing him. I leaned back in the chair, opening my legs and sliding back the hem of my skirt. I’d practiced this at home too, and knew that having removed my panties in the restroom earlier, he would again be seeing what I wanted him to see.

He was speaking quickly in French so I couldn’t tell to whom, nor the nature of the conversation, but I could tell he was bringing it to an abrupt end.

“You are a very naughty lady” he laughed as he stood and walked to the table, sitting down in the chair across from me. I knew anyone looking in from the corridor would see only my back and him sitting opposite me.

“You’ve always told me that was what you like about me” I smiled, leaning back further in the chair …

(to be continued if you ask me nicely)!!!

The above is an excerpt from a Chapter from “Modesty Unleashed”, the eighth of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” Ebooks which is soon to be published at my Amazon, Gumroad, Fun Store and Etsy pages.

The current theme at Kink of the Week is VPN (Virtual Panty Line) but, on this occasion I certainly didn’t have one of those …

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As is always the case in my Modesty Ablaze Diaries editions, the names of all of my “friends” here have been changed for the purpose of maintaining anonymity!

Xxx- K

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  1. mmmmmmm i would love to know more – please

  2. Sally

    I thought it was just another gorgeous photo at first K, then I started reading. And I definitely want to hear more 🙂

  3. Ohh love this Modesty – fabulous read – more please!
    and your bottom – what a peach
    May xx

  4. Oh K, this is really hot. Love that you seduced him in the office, and while on the phone. Fun!
    ~ Marie xox

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