Modestly Lost in Lust #KOTW

Modesty Ablaze Lost in Lust

The first part of this excerpt from my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” was shared at last week’s Wicked Wednesday Epiphany … so today’s excerpt follows on directly from where Hilary led me away from the bar.

On our previous visits to the club, my first venture away from the bar had always been to one of the private rooms off of the main corridor. Rooms with a lockable door where it was possible to indulge on a more personal level with someone I’d met at the bar … and decided I’d like to “get-to-know-better”. And always with Hubby at my side, even if it was just with a single gentleman. That was our thing, I might play, Hubby would watch, or perhaps join-in if we all felt comfortable. But now Hilary had led me into the open-plan main play room, the largest space in the club with cushioned benches along three sides, and a large, very large, play-bed in the middle.

As my eyes adjusted to the dimmer lighting, I could see there was already a couple enjoying themselves on the bed, with a number of onlookers standing close by. Hilary led me over to where two gentlemen were sitting in the corner of the room. They were engrossed in conversation and not appearing to be watching what was happening on the bed, but they looked up with wide smiles as we reached them. Still holding my hand Hilary said “This is K”. Both of them stood to kiss Hilary on the cheek and then turned to introduce themselves.

“I’m Graham” said the taller of the two. “Pleasure to meet you”. The shorter, broader, gentleman introduced himself as Phil and immediately sat back down, taking me by the hand and guiding me to sit down next to him. I glanced back across the room and could just make out Hubby standing with several other people in the shadows near the door.

Graham had also sat down, or rather was pushed down by Hilary who had dropped to her knees between his legs and was immediately undoing his belt. I giggled nervously as Phil said to me “so you’re a friend of Hilary’s then?”
I had to turn away from watching Hilary’s progress to answer Phil’s question, and tell him that we’d really only just met at the bar earlier. “She’s quite a lady” Phil laughed. “So are you new here then?”

“No, we’ve been coming for a month or so” I replied. “My husband’s over there in the corner” I said, trying to sound confident and assured.
“Will he mind me doing this?” Phil said as he began running his hand across the front of my dress.

I knew my nipples were already erect beneath the satin, and the touch of his hands was making them even harder. Harder and tingling. I lifted my head back against the wall behind us and closed my eyes as he bent forward to suck at them through my dress. Then I felt his other hand sliding over my inner thigh. He dropped both hands onto my knees and parted my legs wider. I pushed my head back further as I felt his fingers already stroking against me. I lifted my bum and slid forwards on the leather, my knees wide apart now and gasping as I felt fingers pushing gently inside. I knew I was sighing and gasping, even if I couldn’t hear myself. But I could hear him telling me “Fuck you’re wet”.

I was amazed at myself being this aroused, so quickly, with a man I’d said less than a few words too. I felt myself squirming on his hand, pushing against it, yet accepting … and wanting … his slow and gentle thrusting. I opened my eyes searching the shadows for Hubby but couldn’t see him. I could sense shuffling next to me though and looked down to see Hilary on her back, her dress pulled up to her waist and Graham’s bare bum adjusting itself between her raised legs.

Phil was moving me round now as well, sliding me by the hips further along the leather and kneeling up on the bench. I felt myself being pulled along so that I was now laying back with the back of my head down on the bench and both of Phil’s hands spreading me wide, one fingering into me and the other expertly swirling around my clit. I came really quickly, surprising myself with my own loud screaming.

Laying completely on my back I could hear the bouncing sounds on the leather of Graham obviously fucking Hilary behind me … and her own loud grunting in time with his pumping. My recovery was interrupted though by Phil lifting me up by my arms. “The bed is free now” he said. As he led me across to the mattress I saw Hubby again, sitting down on the bench next to the side of the bed. He was smiling and nodding his head, so I knew he’d enjoyed watching me with my new friend.

Phil had kicked off his shoes and was stepping out of his trousers now. He fell back onto the bed as I kicked off my own shoes and knelt down beside him. His erection was standing up at an impressively vertical angle and I couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke it. It was hard, and quite plump, and very warm.

I felt the mattress dip and Hilary was suddenly on her back next to Phil, she was completely naked now, except for a black suspender belt and one stocking. I giggled and pointed at her bare leg. “I gave it to Fifi” she said pointing back behind us. “One of his was laddered”. Fifi was a wonderfully outgoing cross-dresser Hubby and I had met on our first visit to the club, and on every occasion since. A regular at the bar, and in the glory hole corridor too, as he always loved to tell us. As I turned back to Phil I could see he’d pulled a condom from his pocket and was rolling it down over himself. A completely naked Graham had joined us on the bed now next to me and was doing the same to himself. “Not quite as impressive as Phil” I thought to myself, but from Hilary’s noises earlier, I’d gathered he’d filled one condom already.

Phil was pulling me closer to him now, obviously ready and expectant. I lifted my right leg over him and slid myself forward on his thighs, teasingly shuffling forwards until I could feel his erection against me. “Not with your shirt on” I told him as I leant forwards and unbuttoned him to reveal quite a hairy chest. He sat up to pull his arms free … then, as I threw his shirt to one side … he leaned further forward and lifted my dress up as well. “Not with your dress on” he laughed. I lifted my arms up and bent forward as he pulled my dress over my head …

The above is from a Chapter from “Modesty Unleashed”, the eighth of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife” Ebooks which is soon to be published at my Amazon, Gumroad, Fun Store and Etsy pages.

But, in the meantime … if you’ve read down this far and would like to read how things on the bed continued … I’m hoping to add more of this chapter to the appropriately themed “Gang Bang” Kink of the Week page in the next few days.

However, for lots more “Fun in the City” moments, I suggest you visit this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday, by clicking on the lovely rainbow button below!

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P.s. – The photo above is not actually from this Club evening (cameras not allowed of course), rather it is from one of our other multi-fun evenings in a more private venue!
And of course, as is always the case in my Modesty Ablaze Diaries editions, the names of all of my “friends” here have been changed for the purpose of maintaining anonymity!

Xxx- K

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7 Responses to Modestly Lost in Lust #KOTW

  1. This is so sexy, K. It really is wonderful to read about your visits there, and the friends you made. Thank you for sharing 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Sally

    Ok I wouldn’t be able to, but it is thrilling to read K. As your adventures always are 🙂

  3. I agree with the other comments, this is so sexy and an exciting read. I would be to shy to play in public but it’s a firm fantasy and reading about your exploits feeds into this. Favourite line :His erection was standing up at an impressively vertical angle – thanks for sharing.

  4. Knightsky

    Your amazing woman Modesty. those folks are lucky as hell.

  5. Such a hot scene Modesty – what a wonderful memory too
    May xx

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  7. Bee

    That sounds like a very fun evening!

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