Pour Me Again – September 2021 Members Update Video #PMAGW

Subby1s Holiday Tasks Cover

Whilst on our 3 week Summer 2021 Vacation I expected to have my every whim fulfilled and obeyed by Subby1. From pouring me ice cold beers on the beach, adjusting my sun umbrella and re-applying my sun tan lotion.

Then constantly topping up my wine glass when we got back to the apartment, giving me an after-sun full body massage and taking me out every evening for cocktails and a special meal.

And, of course, I instructed him to make sure he had his camera charged and ready at all times to keep a video diary of every fun moment … day and night … that I desired.

Which is good news for all you Pour Me A Glass of Wine Members, because that means I have lots and lots of candid … very candid in some cases … fun, silly and sexy videos to share.

Such as today’s new Members update Subby1’s Holiday Tasks which I hope you will all enjoy.

Or perhaps you would prefer more of my Femdom Mistressing, or Swinging or Me-Time videos instead … because, as always on my Members Page, the choice is yours to make … all sensible requests considered**.

**NB: The content on my Pour Me A Glass Members page normally features videos and photos not yet shared … or perhaps too “private and candid” … for any of my other media platforms,

P.s. – Just a reminder for returning subscribers … and those new members who have joined me here during the past few weeks … my hosting server has recently been upgraded which has allowed me to keep more of my previous Members Videos live on my page for longer. And with faster streaming speeds too!!!
Just scroll down to the foot of the Members Page for a list of links.

So thank you all once again for spoiling me here and helping me to keep my wine glass full.

I do hope you will all enjoy this month’s Members Videos, and Photo Gallery … and let me know your own suggestions, for new clips or photos you would like to see in the future from the comments box at the foot of THIS post, or by emailing directly if you prefer.

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Bye for now !!!

P.s. – You can listen to my Audio-Modcast from September by tapping on the “Play” arrow below … and you know how much I enjoy to “play” don’t you!

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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3 Responses to Pour Me Again – September 2021 Members Update Video #PMAGW

  1. Sally

    You look wonderful. Loving your words. Made me laugh 🙂

  2. Everything is very beautiful and interesting. But as always.

  3. Great news. And I always really like that you are not ashamed to be funny, cheerful, sometimes even seem stupid. After all, this speaks of your sincerity and honesty with your audience.

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