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Mistress Modesty Digital at Wicked Wednesday

This week’s Wicked Wednesday theme is “Digital” … asking how one feels about living in a digital world.

Now I’m not really very technical and usually struggle with anything to do with technology, but the digital age we live in has certainly helped me “expand upon” all my fun new hobbies. And, has certainly allowed me to meet lots … and lots and lots … of fun people. Such as Vinyl Man1, the lovely gentleman who helped me with some of my earliest photos for my, then new, Mistress Modesty site.

For more Digital thoughts just tap on the Wicked Wednesday Rainbow below.

Oh, and as the current theme at Kink of The Week is “Fucking Machines” I thought that, as I’m wearing my very own Fucking Machine in this photo, it would be appropriate to join-in there too.

And “Bloopers” at 4 Thoughts ??? … well as you might imagine, this red-machine of mine has encountered a few Bloopers over the years!

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5 Responses to Modestly Digital #wickedwednesday #KOTW & #4Thoughts

  1. “well as you might imagine, this red-machine of mine has encountered a few Bloopers over the years!2
    Brilliant and I adore the suit!
    May x

  2. It’s true that the digital world has helped to make the actual world a bit smaller, and allow us to meet people we might never have met had there not been computers 🙂
    Love your image!
    ~ Marie xox

  3. Beautiful outfit! I can only imagine the bloopers your red machine has encountered;)

  4. Beautiful Modesty. But I would add: not only Modesty, but also Willingness.

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