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Mistress Modesty loves Leather

New “hobbies” always open-up new experiences and often change one’s perception of certain things, and previously held likes and dislikes don’t they.

And that was certainly the case when I first embarked upon my Femdom fun adventures.

It was obvious that I would need a complete new wardrobe … and accessories. Not that I’ve ever been averse to a new wardrobe of course!!!

Previously the only leather garments in my wardrobe(s) had been “normal” coats and jackets. And, in fact for my first Mistressing outfits my initial choices were all in Latex. I loved the shiny look and feel of the garments as I browsed the racks at both of the shops my Mistressing mentors had recommended.

But although I loved my new outfits, and felt much more in-tune with my new “persona” when I was wearing them, it was actually the purchase of my first accessories that really led to my new love. Leather.

My first two items, a stranded heavy leather flogger and a lovely spanking slapper, just had that smell and feel about them that had me intoxicated in a way I hadn’t experienced with my normal leather coats and jackets.

Perhaps it was that rawness … and knowing the intention of their purpose … that made me want to inhale and savour that smell even more. And to feel the strength and yet caress of that texture against ones skin. Suddenly the clingy and difficult to get into, and out of, sticky latex was pushed to the back of my wardrobe to be replaced by lots, and lots, of new garments in my new Pleasure, my new love … and yes even my new Desire for … Leather !!!

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7 Responses to Modest Leather #wickedwednesday and #4Thoughts_Fiction and #KOTW

  1. I love to run my hand over latex, but the idea of wearing it doesn’t appeal to me, maybe because I get panicky when I can’t get out of clothing. On the other hand… leather. Oh yes, the smell and feel of that is just soooooo good! I totally understand your love and desire for it.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I love leather too – we have a home made suede whip and it seems to feel like it is caressing while hurting – and the smell too!
    May x

  3. The smell of things made of genuine leather cannot be confused with anything.

  4. I too love leather K and am rather fascinated by latex. Leather does have a lovely smell and a luxurious feel which I really enjoy and it crosses easily from day wear, to night out clothes to fetish & kink – for that you have to applaud it.

  5. One cannot do without good leather clothing in female domination.

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  7. Smell, appearance, sensation, everything is fine in clothes made of genuine leather.

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