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My Cougar Moment - Cover from The Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife

Fifteen, or perhaps even ten years ago, I was probably uncomfortable with the term MILF. And even now I would still prefer to be thought of as MWILF (Mature Women I’d Like to …), rather than without the W.

But back in those heady, thrilling and fun times of amazing evenings at our favourite “Club” … almost every Saturday night during what Hubby calls “your nymphatic period” … it was actually quite flattering and empowering to have so many young suitors telling me I was their “most I’d like to”

I have posted about one such evening here before … as an extract from My Cougar Moment from Part 5 of my Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife … but as the theme at this week’s Wicked Wednesday is “MILF”, I thought I would add a few more paragraphs, that I haven’t included here before, from the first part of what was a wonderful evening.

As we entered the room and Hubby turned to lock the door behind us, it was as though all the adrenalin overcame my nerves completely in an instant. I wanted him so much . . . and I wanted him to want me. I flopped down onto the bed and reached down to unbuckle, and kick-off my shoes. I lifted my sheer dress up over my shoulders and tossed it over to Hubby who was standing leaning back against the door, grinning at me like a Cheshire cat. (“Normally you wait for them to undress you” he told me later). I did keep my thong and hold-ups on, but shuffled myself back over the bed towards the cushions as I watched J undressing himself.

His body was even more stunning than I could have ever imagined. A wonderfully tight muscular chest seemed to just glisten in the dim light, but I could clearly see every ripple, and that he was completely smooth all over. I shuddered and gasped from the first touch of his hand on my knee as he knelt down on the bed next to me.

Our first kiss sent tingles through every nerve of my body and I knew I was already dripping wet minutes before his hand slid down between my legs. That kiss lingered, and lingered, our lips and tongues exploring each others mouth, tasting each others hot breath. I moaned loudly and arched my back against the cushions as our mouths parted and I felt his tongue sliding down over my neck and onto my nipple. I was running my hands up through his hair, pulling his mouth across my breasts from one nipple to the other and groaning loudly as his fingers were already rubbing round and round over my pussy.

I slid my own hand down over his tummy and gasped as I reached his erection. God, it felt so hard. And so thick! I just had to push him over onto his side for a moment, just to look at what I was grasping in my hand. And it was just as thick as it felt. “God, that’s lovely,” I gasped.

I had to have him in my mouth and plunged myself down over him trying to fondle under his clean-shaven balls with my fingers as I sucked it into me. I’d never had a lover who felt as thick as this inside my mouth. I was getting so carried away in my excitement that I suddenly realised I was sucking up and down so feverishly I was almost biting his shaft. I consciously slowed myself down, lifting my mouth away and grasping him again with my fingers and licking up and down his length with my tongue and then flicking it around the head of his wonderful cock.

He pushed me back down with his hands on my shoulders, sucking at my nipples again before pulling away from me completely to pry my legs apart.

“Oh” I moaned, partly in disappointment that he’d taken that lovely cock away from me, but partly in a different pleasure as he pulled off my thong and then slid his mouth down over me.

He rubbed around and around my pussy with his fingers again and then as his tongue started flicking over me he stretched both his hands up over my tummy to fondle and squeeze at my breasts as he quickened the pace of his tongue … first swirling, and then plunging in and out. I could feel his mouth slapping against my lips and heard myself urging him to “eat me, eat me.”

The above is an extract from “My Cougar Moment” – Part 5 of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries of a London Hotwife”.
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Xxx- K

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5 Responses to Modestly MWILF … #wickedwednesday

  1. That cock sounds absolutely glorious! But not only that, also the raw passion between you and him, the way you urged him on. So hot!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Sally

    I know I keep saying it but I’m so envious of your life and experiences. This was so hot to read 🙂

  3. This is a wonderful moment. It is a pity that the narration has stopped.

  4. This was marvellous to read, your enthusiasm & excitement so well conveyed – you set your stall out when you whipped your dress off, ignoring the usual etiquette it seems! There’s always such pleasure conveyed when you share your exploits.

  5. Oh my what a wonderful experience – u have certainly lived your life to the full Modesty
    May xx

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