A Modest Taxi-rank #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze waiting for the Water Taxi 1

“Perhaps it’s not running this year” I said to Hubby, as we waited …
patiently at the bottom of the steps.
“Well the timetable was definitely still on the wall as we came down” he replied.

Modesty Ablaze waiting for the Water Taxi 2

“Well you’d better be right” I said. “The sun is beginning to go down and I don’t fancy walking all the way back around the rocks in the dark!!!”

He was right of course, as several other people eventually joined us in the queue, and we thankfully heard the sound of the Water Taxi coming round into the bay.

For lots more sights and sounds this Sinful Sunday,
just dial the lips below.

Sinful Sunday
Modesty Ablaze at the #naughtyscavengerhunt

I don’t think Taxi-rank, or Water Taxi, is actually a category at #naughtyscavengerhunt … or even if these would qualify if there was … so perhaps I shall have to wait until I can hail a London Cab instead. Though I do prefer to travel by Tube or Bus whenever I can.

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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10 Responses to A Modest Taxi-rank #sinfulsunday

  1. <3 Oh your images always make me long for sun x

  2. Every time I see your Scavenger Hunt images, it’s confirmed once more that you ARE the Scavenger Queen. Lovely images 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  3. I cannot imagine you waiting patiently for anything, hubby yes, I’m glad the taxi finally made it. I hope the other people in line were fun.

  4. Brilliant…. Now I have to get a taxi rank, sadly I don’t think it will be a beautiful as this one


  5. nice, very nice.

    and of course, no tan lines …

  6. Lovely, and I agree for the longing for sun, daylight here is only about 7 hours, it could be worse wee could live further north…

  7. Bee

    I’ll add it to the list when you ping this over to me! Brilliant location, as always.

  8. It’s good that everything ends well and the long-awaited taxi has arrived.

  9. Good place to wait for a taxi. I would also like to stand there.

  10. Sally

    I always love your holiday postings K. You look beautiful here as you always do 🙂

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