“A Quickie with Dee” Audio excerpt from “Modesty Unmasked”

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Originally recorded for my Pour Me A Glass Members page, for one of my longest standing members Sally, who requested that I read an excerpt from one particular chapter, “A Quickie Evening with D” from my “Modesty Unmasked” – Part 7 of my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries” ebooks.

This audio was recorded whilst sat on the balcony of my holiday apartment, enjoying a glass of wine (or two), so you will have to excuse the occasional sipping-pauses.

Now, I don’t like hearing the sound of my own voice, but as Sally asked so nicely this is especially for her …


“D called me as I was on my way into work on Friday morning. His daughter was going away that afternoon to stay overnight with friends, so he wanted me to “pop-round for drinks?” I told him that we were also going to be without children for most of the evening and that J had already said how nice it would be to have the house to ourselves for a few hours again, so I had to say “no, but they’ll all be back off to uni in a fortnight”.

He sounded disappointed and said he didn’t think he could wait that long . . . I paused, expecting him to suggest booking a room for next week instead, but he didn’t . . .

I texted J when I got into work, “turned-down another offer for tonight so you’d better pamper me. Nice wine, how about a nice meal out somewhere?”.

I heard nothing more during the day and with everything going on in the office had completely forgotten about it. Then late in the afternoon J called on my direct line. He’d just picked-up my text (never hears his mobile!) and wanted to know who my offer was from and, then, why I hadn’t said yes. Re-iterating my text, and reminding him he’d told me this morning that it would be nice to have some time to ourselves again, I told him “I’d much rather spend it with you!” He said he thought it would be more fun if I went round to D’s . . . and then, (to make it worse), said he may be working a bit late anyway! I swore at him “are you joking?” He replied “you know how I like you having sessions with one of your men”.

I wasn’t feigning my annoyance, I WAS annoyed! . . . and he could tell, so started changing his tone. “All right, I’ll get away as quickly as I can. I’ll call you”.

I texted D “is your offer of tonight still open?”. His reply came straight back. “Of course”.

I was feeling really naughty now. If J thought it was ‘more fun’ for me to ‘have a session’ then I would jolly-well have one . . . because I could!

At five o’clock I texted J “You can work late. I’m having a ‘session’ at D’s, still expecting a nice bottle of wine though!” This time his text came back quite quickly . . . wishing me a good time and that he’d get the wine. He didn’t use that exact wording, but the thought of someone at Orange intercepting his texts just made me tingle more.

D met me at his station, and asked if I’d like to eat “first”. I laughed at his nervousness when I repeated back to him, “first???”

We stopped at his local Ask. As he went off to the washroom I thought about quickly texting J to say I was getting my meal out after-all, but D returned to the table before I’d had the time to decide whether that was being just too naughty.

We enjoyed a nice pasta and caught-up on each others Christmas stories and family get-togethers.

Once we arrived at his house I asked if he’d mind if I showered “first”? We both laughed as he raised his eyebrows and repeated “first?” back to me.

I was glad of being able to quickly undress from my office clothes (and rather unflattering underwear) as he first went off to find a clean towel for me, and then “pour the wine”.

I had, through the frosted glass of the shower door, seen him moving around in the bathroom, and was half expecting him to open the door and step-in to join me or something. But as I finished it became apparent that he wasn’t in the room. I opened the door and picked-up the neatly folded towel from where he’d left it on the mat. As I dried myself I called out “where are you?” thinking that perhaps he was waiting in the bedroom, but I heard him answer back from downstairs.

I wrapped the towel around me and walked back downstairs. He was just coming out of the kitchen with a glass of wine. “I thought you might have joined me” I teased as I took the wine and accepted his first kiss. I could tell by his rather sheepish look that he suddenly realised the missed opportunity as he replied “I showered before I came out”.

But as we stood in the hallway embracing, I could tell he was getting his confidence back. I could feel it through his trousers rubbing up against my leg!

As we kissed more he ran his hands up under the towel and over the cheeks of my bottom, the towel fell open and dropped to the floor. I had both arms around his neck, holding the glass in one hand and rubbing at the back of his shirt with the other.

He pulled one of his hands away from my bottom and round to my tummy and down between my legs …

If you would like to continue reading this for yourself, there is more information on “Modesty Unmasked” … and all of my “Modesty Ablaze – Diaries of a London Hotwife” … at my E-books page >here<.

Or you can listen to my reading this excerpt from my holiday balcony from the screen below …

Xxx – K

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  1. Pleasantly. Both wine and pleasure.

  2. Sally

    I do love hearing you read it K 🙂 🙂

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