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This week at Kink of The Week we are urged to “Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Morning Sex”

Well … I’ve never really been a morning person … my normal daily schedule is to roll over as I awake to Hubby sliding out of bed and then to peacefully doze until he returns with my morning cup of tea, before I have to haul myself up to shower and prepare for the morning commute.

At weekends of course I indulge in a slightly longer lie-in, waiting to be brought that first cup of tea, and breakfast in bed.

But, back in those halcyon days of a few years ago, when we were able to entertain one or other of my lovers with an occasional weekend sleep-over, well that would make for a different sort of waking-up all together.

Then, inevitably, I’d awake to early morning caresses and kisses … from each side of me … and no thoughts or mention of cups of tea whatsoever. At least not for the next hour or so, as we resumed our fun from where we’d exhaustingly finished the night before.

Those wake-ups … such as my Morning Glory or By Morning Light fun … would always start at a much calmer and slower pace than where we’d left off the previous evening. With long warm and lovely kisses, gentle stirrings and strokings, and soft whispers and giggles as we remembered and recounted what had happened “last night”.

And whilst those particular occasions will always bring back special memories, they also characterise “morning sex” for me. Soft and warm, slow and gentle, and in some ways more intimate than other, later-in-the-day liaisons (even with the same lover). Not necessarily more fulfilling, not necessarily more passionate or engulfing … just different.

And different is what makes the world more enjoyable isn’t it !!!

For more thoughts on Morning Sex kiss the luscious red lips below.

Kink of the Week

This week’s theme at the lovely Marie’s Wicked Wednesday is Heirlooms.
I know that, strictly speaking, Memories are not exactly Heirlooms, but possibly sort-of ??? Let’s investigate together by tapping the button below.


Xxx- K

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6 Responses to Modest Mornings #KOTW #wickedwednesday

  1. A fun to read and think about post.

  2. I am definitely not a morning person either, and also not into morning sex, but sometimes it just feels right, especially after a night of fun 😉
    ~ Marie

  3. Knightsky

    Wishing that was mine Modesty 😉

  4. “Soft and warm, slow and gentle, and in some ways more intimate than other”.
    Very soulfully written. I like this morning better.

  5. I think memories are heirlooms. I also think we actually inherit memories – and anyhow – that image is so hot u can write anything after and that is cool!
    May xx

  6. Bee

    I love those morning after the night befores, they definitely get me going for a repeat performance!

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