Modestly Groyned … #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Groynes 1

“No that’s groin … it’s a different spelling completely!” Hubby said rather impatiently. “These are Groynes. They’re here to stop the waves washing
the beach away.”
“I know the sort of groin you’re thinking of !!!” he said as I walked down
a little further towards the water.

Modesty Ablaze Groynes 2

“Well there’s no sand here to wash away anyway” I complained. “I don’t like stoney beaches.”
“And it’s too windy as well” I went on. “Just imagine being up there on the Pier. One would probably be blown over the side”.

Modesty Ablaze Groynes 3

“I know it’s not like our normal summer beach” he said. “But you said you fancied some seaside fun so you will just have to make-do won’t you.
Come on I’ll give you a leg-up to climb over it.”

Modesty Ablaze Groynes 4

“I’d much rather be climbing over my sort of groin!” I told him.
“I’m sure it would be much more comfortable to sit down upon!”

For more climbing and groining at this week’s Sinful Sunday,
just “tap” the lips below.

Sinful Sunday

As uncomfortable as my groyning was, I can at least add “Groynes” as a location to my Scavenger Hunt collection.

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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7 Responses to Modestly Groyned … #sinfulsunday

  1. I always love to be taken along on your excursions. I’m sure the people in the buildings behind you know exactly what the photographer is taking.

  2. Lovely images, and love the conversation yet again. You always manage to put a smile on my face 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  3. Bee

    Funnily enough, I had a similar conversation when I grabbed my groin…I mean ground location.

  4. This landscape will look a little dull (

  5. I am with you on the groin issue and also the beach one. Beaches in Greece are far superior although there is something exhilarating about the beach here


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  7. Sally

    Always love your posts K. They always bring a smile and good feelings 🙂

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