Modestly Frilled #sinfulsunday #LiFE

Modesty Ablaze Frilled Red Knickers

I’m normally more for lace than frills. But I was thrilled with these frills when a gentleman friend gifted me them some time ago!

And as he reminded me of them recently, I thought it would be nice to model them again for him here this Sinful Sunday !!!

See who else is thrilling this Sinful weekend, by tapping the lovely lips below!

Sinful Sunday

And why not add some sinful lingerie moments of your own at Violet’s lovely, luxurious, lustful meme below.

Lingerie is for everyone

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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13 Responses to Modestly Frilled #sinfulsunday #LiFE

  1. These are so sexy on you! Red is naughty and the frills are sweet. What a great combination.

  2. Woozer! Would love to see a shake.

  3. Fabulous frills in a beautiful colour
    Missy x

  4. Exposing40

    These are absolutely beautiful and you look fabulous.

  5. Ohh those are wonderful, I love how they pucker up as they vanish between your legs.


  6. Nice lingerie. And the pose too 🙂

  7. Muse

    Oh I love them! You wear them perfectly ❤️

  8. Knightsky

    Always like seeing you in red Modesty 🙂

  9. they look fun!
    Thanks for Sharing.

  10. Those are so damn cute and sexy!
    ~ Marie xox

  11. violet fawkes

    These are FABULOUS and a bit of a departure from your usual style, but I kind of love that! You look amazing in everything!

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