My Name is Modesty #sinfulsunday

Mistress Modesty Dot Com Poster

My name is Modesty … Mistress Modesty … Licensed to Thrill !!!
I will infiltrate your mind and … penetrate … your very soul.

This weekend’s Sinful Sunday prompt is to re-brand one’s favourite movie! Now I must confess that I haven’t actually watched Quentin’s film … I much prefer to make my own … so obviously I couldn’t say it is a favourite.

But so many of my followers have mentioned it to me over the years that,
I just couldn’t resist!

Mistress Modesty Dot Com Poster 2

Discover much more movie news and reviews this Sinful Sunday by pushing gently on the lips below.

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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13 Responses to My Name is Modesty #sinfulsunday

  1. Ha, this is bloody brilliant, K 🙂 Super clever x

  2. I absolutely love this, K! Brilliantly done!
    ~ Marie xox

  3. THAT was so good!
    Thank you.

  4. Sally

    Absolutely brilliant K. This made me laugh out loud.
    And also about making your own movies. 🙂 🙂

  5. Fabulous!! Works sooo well
    May x

  6. Wow! This looks amazing! (Love the dildo…)

  7. I have not heard of Quinton’s movie, I will have to look it up. But I love yours, I would certainly buy it. In fact I have, as I enjoy watching the modest one @ M❤️NP.

  8. Bee

    How do I not know about this movie? I’m sure yours is far better though.

  9. Whoa, K, this is amazing, I love this! You nailed this.

  10. This is SO good!


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