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Mistress Modesty Flogging Submissive

As I mentioned in my Modest Surrenders post recently, I receive a really wide range of requests for lots and lots of different kinks, for my London Dominatrix Mistressing sessions.

But the first things I pack when preparing for a session … no matter what the specific theme of the request … are my floggers.

Because, some initial impact-play and warming-up, is almost always the way I begin each session … whether with one of my regular subs, or a new attendee visiting for the first time.

That’s because some gentle teasing and stimulation, normally beginning slowly across the back or bottom, is I find, the perfect way to break the ice and set the mood for what is to follow. Even if my visitor has not actually asked for any impact-play at all.

Now, all of my favourite chambers have their own array of floggers hanging on display and ready to use. But I prefer to choose from my own collection that I have accumulated over the past five years of my fun hobby.

Partly because I know they have been meticulously maintained and cleaned after each session. But also because one becomes familiar with the weight, balance (most important for longer use) and feel … and which will best fit each particular scenario as required.

Mistress Modesty Thin Brown Leather Flogger

I have over a dozen different favourites hanging in my cabinet. Each of a different size and material to suit a specific purpose.

I prefer wooden handles for a firm and comfortable grip, and full-length full-bodied falls (strands) in hard leather. But I have several floggers in rubber, suede, flex, knotted rope and even plastic falls … as well as two smaller cock-and-ball floggers (one in soft leather, one in a firmer plastic).

Mistress Modesty Barbed Wire Flogger

I purchased my first three floggers, at different times, from the excellent once-a-month (pre-covid) LAM Fetish market here in London. But subsequently I’ve been very privileged to have had a number gifted to me by manufacturers as review items, and also by subs themselves.

Mistress Modesty's flogger across Subs bum

But if you are thinking about buying a flogger for the first time, I would seriously suggest you either visit LAM upon it’s return, or from a reputable high-street shop. (I can recommend several in London if you’d like to send an email or DM).

And as always, I’d just say have fun … start slow and build the rhythm to suit both flogger and floggee !!!

For much more information and thoughts on Floggers just
swish the KOTW lips below.

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Xxx- K

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5 Responses to Modest Floggers #KOTW

  1. Knightsky

    Dream of being flogged by you mistress 🙂

  2. Cool, your sessions begin 😉

  3. Bee

    Oh that barbed wire one looks amazing, although I may not give him that idea because it looks painful.

  4. I like the teasing touch of a flogger, and then of course the way it can turn my bottom red too. Love your images, K 🙂
    ~ Marie

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