Modestly Shuttered #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Shuttered Greece 1982

It’s usually lots of fun trying to recreate poses from our #polaroidspast archives
. . . particularly from our lovely Grecian holiday adventures!

Modesty Ablaze Shuttered 2020

But whilst our attempt this morning did bring back wonderful memories . . .
it has also left me yearning even more for simpler times . . . just like 1982.

For more simple, happy, thoughts this weekend, kiss the lovely lips below!

Sinful Sunday
Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past

Be Proud of Who You Were . . . and Be Proud of Who
You Have Become!

Join me at #polaroidspast and my Polaroids Past slideshow.

Xxx – K


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19 Responses to Modestly Shuttered #sinfulsunday

  1. You’re a bloody GODDESS Ms Modesty x x x

    • Oh my goodness Tabitha … you have made me blush and go all tingly. (Just as I do reading, and re-reading, your “Drenched” … where your Words really do Make Me Want) !!!
      Xxx – K

  2. NPE

    How great to have such an extensive record of life experiences! Not only to share but to have been free and stayed free enough to do so!

  3. Oh Wow! Do I ever love this. I am going to do something special for you, K!

  4. It’s always so strange to see the differences between your younger and older self. There’s an innocence in the past and maturity in the current. Both are beautiful

  5. Very cool topic: taking pictures similar to those that were once taken! an interesting experience) and you are beautiful at all ages.

    • Thank you Lisa. Yes Hubby and I have a lot of fun trying to re-create similar photos to our older ones. It’s not always very easy … but, as I say, we always have fun with lots of laughter … and distractions along the way !!!

      Xxx – K

  6. Lovely images, K. I always like comparing the two. You looked lovely then, and look lovely now 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    • Thank you so much Marie.
      Looking back at our old Polaroids, I have to keep telling myself … “we all change as we get older”.
      Not always easier to accept that, but one should always try to keep positive about those “body changes” LOL !!!

      Xxx – K

  7. Bee

    I love this! I love how the second one feels so much more care free.

  8. Sally

    It’s remarkable that you have so many photos from so long ago, and you look beautiful then and beautiful now. 🙂 🙂

  9. This is a fantastic comparison, seeing the difference, yet the similarities. I can understand a yearning for simpler times, when things weren’t as crazy as they are right now. But simplicity often meas stagnation, so maybe you can grow more now, and then in 30 years we will yet again see a newer version of you. I am in awe of your beauty, both back then, and now. You are one sexy human being <3

  10. Simple times would be lovely wouldn’t they…. hopefully one day soon


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