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Oh, how I’m longing for, hoping for, praying for … a holiday this summer.
So, so much !!!

I look forward to it every year of course … but this year even more than ever.

Family holidays were always nice of course … and over 18 years with our two children, we enjoyed some lovely vacations in lovely resorts and locations. Always somewhere different, always different activities …

But then, when our young ones had flown the nest, we had the opportunity … actually the necessity, to book an early summer break … out of school-term time … and at short (one week’s) notice.

No plans, no thoughts, no expectations, we just said to each other “let’s just do something, go somewhere where we can just chill, no responsibilities, no phones, no emails, just to relax … just for ourselves”.

So we walked into our local Travel Agents and said exactly that … “and we’d like to leave next Saturday”.

I’ll never forget it … the young lady looked up and said “well we specialise more in long-haul, adventure holidays, safaris … that sort of thing!”

Hubby said, “ok, we’d just thought we’d ask, we’ll try the other place around the corner!” (This was when there were still three Travel Agents in our high street).

“Well … wait a moment, take a seat.” she said. “Have you ever been to ……
(an island in Greece)?” she asked.

“Not that particular island” Hubby replied. “But we’d love too, we’ll take it thanks, won’t we K?”, he looked across at me and we both burst out laughing … both thinking back to our very first holiday together thirty-eight years ago.

Some things are just meant to be aren’t they!!! Because it was simply magical.

Not just the fact that our question took us back to Greece. Not just because it took us to that particular island. Not just because it took us to that particular, out-of-the-way, isolated, spot on that particular island. Not just because of the beautiful places we discovered, the wonderful tiny tavernas, the lovely welcoming local people we met.

Just because … well … because you can’t really explain magic can you?

And … as boring as it may sound … we’ve returned to that exact same spot,
every summer, ever since.

So that is why … as I said … I’m hoping, praying that I can add more special moments to my holiday memories above!!!

This week’s theme at Food For Thought is “Holidays”, which of course got me remembering … and then … Wicked Wednesday‘s “Statistics” had me counting all the months and years!!!

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Xxx- K

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5 Responses to Modest Holidays #F4T #wickedwednesday

  1. You can’t explain magic indeed, and I think it was just meant to be for you to come full circle and return to Greece. I do hope you get to go on holiday this year, and that we can get to enjoy your holiday pics for much longer! Great slideshow here, K!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. It is very pleasant to read about such a nice story. I hope you can get in your place again and again. And the set of photos is incredible!

  3. Oh Modesty I so love your holiday images every year. I always look forward to them. These are brilliant!
    And we go to the same place every year too! I think it is a great thing to do

  4. I very much enjoyed your images. I’m eagerly awaiting summer so I can get some sun on my skin 🙂 Your vacation looked beautiful!

  5. Wonderful, there is such joi de vivre in your pictures and your posts. OH and I always said we wouln’t ever go to the same place twice, the world being so big and so much to see and experience. But we’ve wised up now! Once you find somewhere that is just ‘magical’ as you say, why would you deny yourself more of the same?

    Like you I have my fingers firmly crossed for the opportunity for holidays as soon as is safely possible.

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