Modest Cane Shoes #sinfulsunday

Mistress Modesty Cane Shoes

I’m so, so looking forward to being able to lace these up again!!!

But in the meantime I’m sure I will get some relief at this week’s Sinful Sunday posts, from tapping on the lips below.

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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13 Responses to Modest Cane Shoes #sinfulsunday

  1. Sam Tabak

    Great PIC. Leaves a lot for the imagination. which in my mind is very good. Such as what are you wearing , and who is the Cane for, how many strokes will that person get,.etc. etc.

  2. Ooo yes, yes ye! I bet there’s lots of people looking forward to you lacing those up too Ms Modesty 😉

    x x x

  3. This is such a powerful picture. I love the tights, those heels and the cane? stick? in between them!

  4. Those shoes most definitely says that there’s some serious business ahead 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  5. NPE

    It’s about to get real!

  6. Oh yes I so want a reason to put on sexy stockings and heels again


  7. Bee

    I love how showgirl this image looks and yet we know this is a very different cane.

  8. This is a sexy picture, K! The shoes, the stockings, the cane, it all works really well together!

  9. Muse

    Fingers crossed soon!

  10. I bet you will have a queue at the door of folk wanting to lace them for you x

  11. Ohhh those are awesome stockings!

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