A Modest “Cougar Moment” #wickedwednesday

This week’s prompt at Wicked Wednesday asks: “A cougar is a big, beautiful cat out in nature, but of course, this prompt is not about that kind of cougar (unless of course you want to write about it). No, this post is about those older women with younger lovers, the women informally called cougars. Do you know a cougar, or maybe you are a cougar?”

Well how could I possibly resist ???

Modesty Ablaze My Cougar Moment

Because . . . I have written about one of my own Cougar Moments before, in my “Modesty Ablaze Diaries – Part 5” which I first published as a short-story Ebook at my Gumroads pages back in 2013.

An extract from that Cougar Moment of mine is below:

Normally when Hubby and I have a night out at our Swingers Club we will spend the first hour or so sitting at the bar chatting to staff or to other couples, or singles, that we have met previously.

The atmosphere is always very friendly and relaxed and it is really just very nice to unwind in a different, and far more exciting environment, than we would on a normal evening out with normal friends.

And, of course, I love being able to wear something sexy and naughty. And Hubby enjoys me dressing like that and watching me take an occasional stroll away from the bar to investigate what may be happening in the play areas, or viewing rooms . . . and then walking slowly back . . . “strutting my stuff” as he calls it.

There have been occasions when we’ve not met or played with anyone at all during the evening. Or perhaps we may have just chatted and exchanged numbers with a couple, or interesting single guy . . . but for one reason or another, we’d not indulged with further.

But on one of our recent visits, I did something I’d never, ever done before . . . and it turned into one of the most exciting evenings we’ve ever enjoyed there.

We’d arrived early and had been sitting at the bar on our own sipping our drinks chatting to one of the lovely barmaids. A simply gorgeous young man entered from reception and came up to the bar to order a drink. He wasn’t close enough for us to hear him ordering his drink, but our eyes met briefly as he glanced around the bar whilst he waited for his glass. As he walked off towards the main room I saw him glance briefly back in our direction, before he disappeared around the corner.

Our barmaid came back to roll her eyes and tell me “Wow. He’s hot!” I nodded my agreement and asked her where she thought he was from and if she’d seen him here before. She told me he was definitely a newbie . . . and possibly Spanish or Italian.

A few minutes later he returned to the main room and was standing by the wall on the opposite side of the bar to us. “God he is gorgeous isn’t he” I giggled to our barmaid. Hubby put his arm around my shoulder to pull me closer and whispered into my ear “why don’t you go and introduce yourself and offer to show him around.”

I giggled with nervous excitement at his suggestion and replied, “I can’t, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

Usually, couples or singles would approach us first and we’d chat (sometimes for quite awhile) before I would nod to Hubby that I was “interested.” And then it would be him that might make the suggestion to our new friends . . . if they hadn’t asked us first.
 But now not only was Hubby suggesting that I make the first move, he was suggesting that I do it on my own.

My heart was racing and I felt my excitement levels rising by the second. “Go on, you’ve got nothing to lose. Talk to him before someone else gets in first,” Hubby was urging in my ear.

I got down off my stool and started to walk slowly over towards him. I felt like I was shaking so much with nerves that it must look as though I was about to fall off my high-heels. He wasn’t even looking in my direction as I stopped beside him and managed to stammer out something like “Hi, are you new here?” (Yes, really original, I know!)

“Yes it is my first time in London,” he replied in a wonderful deep and rich accent. I can’t remember anything of exactly what I said next. Just that conversation seemed to flow quite easily and naturally for the next few minutes . . . and that he was becoming ever more gorgeous with every word!
 Just as I found myself struggling to think of what to say next, he asked if I was alone. “Oh, no. I’m with my husband. Please come and meet him,” I managed to reply with a huge sense of relief. And excitement!

I took him by his hand, not sure if I was trying to steady myself and keep my balance to counteract my excitement . . . or to parade him to the other ladies in the room!

“This is J. He’s from Spain,” I gushed to Hubby. They shook hands and Hubby asked me “Shall we see if the Private Room is free?”

“Oh yes . . . LETS,” I nodded excitedly.

So . . . if you would like to discover what happened next . . . My Cougar Moment is still available as an Ebook PDF, (readable on Kindle and Ebook Tablet readers), for just $1 . . . or as part of my four-part Modesty Ablaze Diaries Unboxed set (“The Balcony”, “My Cougar Moment”, “A Naughty Surprise” and “Arrivals & Departures” combined) for just $5.

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Xxx- K

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5 Responses to A Modest “Cougar Moment” #wickedwednesday

  1. Oh wow – heading over for that now! I DO want to know what happened next!
    May xx

  2. I bet it turned into one hot evening! I would like to see you “strutting your stuff” 😉

    Rebel xox

  3. J sounds like a fantastic catch!

  4. I have always enjoyed your stunning images but it was a real treat to read a longer piece. The experience you described sounds so exciting and although I would never have the nerve to do it myself, I felt like I was right there with you. Thank you for the peek into your diary 🙂

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