Pour Me Again … April #PMAGW

Modesty Ablaze Hair Care Issue

Having to stay indoors for the past month or so (apart from the occasional afternoon-exercise stroll), has meant not being able to have my regular hair appointments.

And when one is used to one’s normal style, it can be frustrating when things become a little “untidy” so-to-speak.

But I know some of you may actually like “hair” over “bare” . . . 
so for my second bonus Pour Me A Glass Members video for this month, I thought I would let you choose which look you most prefer.

You can message me to let me know, or leave a comment if you prefer, and I will then decide how much of a rush I will be in to book a salon appointment when that becomes possible

If you are already a “Pour Me A Glass” Member, just log-in with your
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And once again, thank you so much for spoiling me here, and helping me to keep my glass full, and I really do hope you will enjoy all of this month’s new clips and photos.

Bye for now !!!

P.s. – For the past few months I have been reading this newsletter out aloud and lots of you have requested that I keep doing that, so . . .

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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7 Responses to Pour Me Again … April #PMAGW

  1. jay raymond

    My vote is Bare Allows the viewer to see the most beautiful part of a woman in my opinion. Why cover it up? Just my opinion

  2. Paul

    U look amazin both ways here modesty 🙂

    • Thank you Paul . . . that’s very nice of you to say !!!
      (And thank you so much for your gift last week. I shall be messaging you asap with my custom “thank-you”).
      Xxx – K

  3. NPE

    I’m on team bare, why hide it under a bush?

  4. I suppose that its interesting to vary) some time to have some hair and some time to get it off;) both variants are hot!

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