Modest Curves #wickedwednesday

Modesty Ablaze curving with friends

“Curves” is one of my favourite words. Neither bent nor straight,
neither callous nor sharp.

A curve is, by it’s very nature, smooth and sensual. A calming, comforting gradual change in shape and direction, that generally makes one feel warm and relaxed . . . and, as in this case . . . aroused and intoxicated. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Xxx- K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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6 Responses to Modest Curves #wickedwednesday

  1. Oh wow what an image, looks like an exciting scene

  2. Knightsky

    Amazing pic modesty 🙂

  3. Curves should always be celebrated! What an image, K. So much hotness here!

    Rebel xox

  4. NPE

    That’s a lot of curves! Lucky bastard!

  5. What a hot image! Thanks for sharing Modesty

  6. A lovely image – and some very fitting musings about curvature, too.

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