Making Modest Dates #F4T

Mistresses Pointy Cane

I’ve never really got on with organising dates in any of those computer spreadsheet programs, or even on the calendar in my phone.

I realise that in this day and age it will be considered as terribly old-fashioned, but I much prefer to enter all my sessioning appointments, and important dates, in hand-written form into my diary. It’s what I always did before computers and mobile phones . . . and it’s what I shall very probably continue to do, for the foreseeable future.

So, rather than having to awkwardly scroll through my phone screen or turn-on a computer, I just reach into my handbag and turn to the appropriate page and entries in my diary. It’s quicker and easier to note my appointments and session bookings . . . and means I won’t forget.

But woe betide if you do . . . or if you are late. I can’t abide late-comers.
It makes me cross and impatient . . . and . . . over-excitable !!!

There will be lots more thoughts on “Dates” and “Dating” at this week’s
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3 Responses to Making Modest Dates #F4T

  1. A great way of looking at dating – dates and diaries – I actually am the same I like to write my in an appointment dairy rather than a phone or computer. TY for linking up Modesty xx

  2. I think there’s a lot to be said for writing things down. For some reason, for me, the act of physically writing an appointment down with pen and paper makes me more like to remember it. That said, sometimes I do double up and put a reminder in my phone too! Because I’ve become far more forgetful than I’d like to admit, lol! x

  3. It has taken me a while to wean myself off a real diary (we still have a wall calendar for dates the family need to keep track of) so I nodded along to this.

    Oh – perish the thought of keeping you waiting – punishments would ensue, but I guess a lot of your devoted like that too! x

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