Modestly Cupped #KOTW

Modesty Ablaze Cupped

I know I’ve mentioned here many times before that there is only one gentleman whom I will switch for . . . Lover No. 14. And even then . . . only if I’m in the mood . . . and usually only for some of his lovely rope-work fun.

But for one of our meetings he brought along some plastic “suction cuppers” in his toy bag. And I must admit that we had such fun with them that I’ve added them to my own sessioning implements, as they do leave such lovely marks!

Modesty Ablaze Cupped 2

But . . . as I said . . . I only switch for one gentleman. So if you request them during a session be warned . . . they could end-up anywhere !!!

Modesty Ablaze Cupped 3

And whilst being lots of fun to “apply” – they are even more fun to pull-off !!!

For lots more “Cupping” and “Plucking” just suck on the KOTW lips below.

Kink of the Week

Xxx- K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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4 Responses to Modestly Cupped #KOTW

  1. I don’t really know anything about cupping, but that last photo is intriguing. Actually that’s how I look when I’m checking out your blog and see your photos, K. (minus the cups of course)

  2. I do love the suction cups. I have not seen ones like those before though


  3. Bee

    Cups are wonderful fun, I love the marks they leave just as much as the sensations.

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