Couples that Play Together – Stay Together

Besides emotional intimacy and mental intimacy, physical intimacy is an extremely important pillar of any worthwhile and healthy relationship. The bond shared between two people as they offer their bodies to each other is completely unmatched. Most couples delight in being able to shed their calculated masks necessary for daily life and enjoy some raw, carnal pleasure in the bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter). One way couples can further increase their amount of sexual intimacy is by bringing sex toys into the fray and exploiting everything they have to offer.

If you aren’t aware of these benefits, don’t worry! I’ll go over some of the most pertinent ones right here, right now.

A Focus On Sexual Pleasure
According to sex therapist and sex blogger Angela Watson, who blogs over at, sex toys in many ways are actually better than traditional intercourse.

She wrote the following:
No matter how skilled any one person is at sex, there are definite limitations to what someone can do with their body. Compared to a vibrator, a penis is always relatively the same shape, can only go for so long before needing a rest, and of course can’t do things like rotate or vibrate in action. Similar attributes apply to the vagina, there’s just only so much possible due to our biology. When you bring in a worthwhile sex toy all of that goes out the window which allows both of you to instead focus on the sheer amount of pleasure possible. Sex toys are designed to exploit our biology in very imaginative ways, to the point where some toys even use things like sonic waves to increase bloodflow and sensation to the clitoris. By focusing on each of your subjective satisfaction levels, sex toys bring you both much closer together.

A Way To Stay Connected


Technology has always had a close relationship with sexuality. Everyone has heard the stories about how the porn industry championed VHS over Betamax as well as DVDs over laserdisc. That’s not quite what I’m getting at here, but it is somewhat related. New wireless technologies such as Bluetooth as well as smartphone integration has come to the world of sex toys in a big way. There are now many toys available that allow you to remotely control your partner’s sex toy anywhere in the world that has a reliable internet connection. Even on those long business trips or quick stops to visit family, having your partner involved in your sexual gratification is as easy as pushing a few buttons and getting to work. Loneliness, begone!

Keep Things Spicy In The Bedroom

Couples 2

It can be far too easy to fall into a predictable and ultimately boring routine sexually. Our brains aren’t always the most cooperative with what we really want deep down, we are novelty seeking creatures by design. When you decide to add sex toys into your bedroom routine, many more avenues open up an you both get to share in new sensations and experiences. Even underwhelming sex toys can help bring you together as you laugh and giggle at how poorly they managed to live up to expectations, but obviously the toys that change how both of you conceptualize sex are the real winners here. If you think your sex life is starting to get a little dull, I’d seriously suggest introducing a toy or two into the mix to shake things up a bit.

Help Accept Each Other’s Sexuality


We’re still somewhat weird about sex as a society, we all enjoy it to some degree and recognize ourselves as sexual beings, but we don’t always feel like we can share those intimate feelings. Between two people who care about each other, that can be a serious detriment in the long term. By choosing to introduce sex toys both of you are acknowleding each other’s sexuality and overall sexual needs. If your partner had an itch that needed to be scratched, you’d scratch it no problem, right? In my opinion, sexual itches should be treated in the exact same manner.

Sex Is A Team Sport

I’ve always been of the opinion that sex is a team sport. Two people are coming together to help achieve some shared goals and have as much fun as possible while doing it. Sometimes the challenges are entirely physical, while others are entirely mental. Sex toys are a fantastic way to help overcome these challenges so you can continue to grow together as human beings.

In short: couples that play together, stay together.

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