Modestly Marking #KOTW

For years and years marking was something that would never have entered my head during my playtime fun with Hubby . . . or any of my other lovers.

In fact as I tend to bruise quite easily, I would always be horrified at picking up even the slightest of bruising or scratching.

But since I began experimenting and developing my more “kinky” hobby four or five years ago, that has all changed. Not from the point of view of being marked
. . . but, instead, to being the “marker”.

Now initially when I began my Mistressing I would always be careful to restrict my disciplining fun to hand-spanking or perhaps using soft floggers and paddles that would only blush or temporarily redden my gentlemen’s bottoms and backs. I had neither the experience, nor the inclination, to mark them further. And anyway, my earliest gentlemen “friends” mostly seemed to be very anxious not to have any noticeable markings after leaving my chambers. (Probably for obvious reasons, but which it is never my place to ask about).

I quickly came to enjoy administering my hand-spanking sessions more and more, and soon had many gentlemen returning for “more of the same please Mistress”. It was some months though before I had my first request for a
“severe caning”.

Caning is something, if you’ll excuse the pun, not to be taken lightly, and requires practice and care . . . both for the recipient, and also for the canes themselves. (I always use my own to ensure they are properly cleaned after use).

So I approached my first such sessions with some degree of nervousness and caution, explaining that “severe” was open to interpretation and should be undertaken with gradual progression.

Since those early days however, as with my hand-spanking, I have grown to enjoy those special requests more and more.

Because if a gentleman asks and clearly really, really does desire to leave with my marks imprinted for a day, or several days, across his cheeks . . . then I take that as a compliment. A sign of his fulfilment and enjoyment of our time together.

And, I must confess, I now really do love receiving selfies from my gentlemen during the course of the following day, (or several days), of the progression and healing, of those welts and bruises.

So from my point of view, I’m definitely a “mark-er” and not a “receiver”.

For many other interesting views on “Marking” just spank
the KOTW lips below.

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  1. And I prefer to be the one with the marks 😉

    Rebel xox

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