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The future is here, and it’s horny! Pop culture is full of references to sex robots of the future, but they are not in the future, they are in stores right now. While the range of vibrators and dildos has been increasing over the years, with silicon sleeves multiple vibration patterns and remote access (wired and with capabilities that span the world), other options have been pretty limited.
There has been a lot of media attention around dolls or even virtual reality masturbation sleeves, but good old-fashioned thrusting has been left as a predominantly manual affair.

Not anymore.

The Joys Of A Good Thrusting

Picture a woman on all fours, cock in mouth, being fucked so hard from behind with every thrust her whole body is send forward, swallowing that large cock whole.

While threesomes are amazingly good fun, they often come with all sorts of social complications after the fact. If you’re a couple, do you pay for a neutral third party, do you see if one of your friends wants to join in, do you pick up someone from a bar? What happens the day after? Or if you want a repeat performance, particularly if they’re not so keen, or vice versa.

Being able to create that fantasy, whenever you both want, without the annoying baggage that comes from bringing in a third person is one of the greatest reasons to look at investing in a thrusting fuck machine.

Like everything, there are a lot of different varieties depending on your needs, desires and budget. From completely standalone, fully programable and with multiple attachment options through to sleeves that work with your standard hardware model buzz saw. This is where you need to have a look at somewhere like Tempting Alice sex toys for reviews and ideas on what exactly is likely to work for you.

Riding The Bull Like A Pro

If you’re wanting to have a bit more control over your body, what goes in it, and when, then you might prefer to have a look at one of the many options for ride-on’s. These are generally machines where you sit on top of them and then either glide forwards and back, or rise up and down, with a dildo attachment that will vibrate or move in very interesting ways.

There are a lot of games that can be played as a couple while one person is riding, but it is also a fun exercise when you are by yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are vagina exclusive, as many have attachments that are perfectly designed to bring all your anal fantasies to life as well.

What To Look For In A Sex Machine

Whether you are looking for something to spice up a relationship, or to create your own pleasure will have a bearing on which machine is going to be best for you. So, let your imagine go wild for a bit and picture yourself being fucked by a machine (you’re not alone, see here ). How would you like it to happen? Are you just lying there or are you actively engaged in the act?

In your sexual fantasy do you see yourself in a bedroom, or is this something you are going to be taking on holiday with you? Will noise matter? What about size? (size matters). Some of the machines are actually lightweight and portable, others should be floor mounted in pride of place as the ultimate conversation starter.

It is ok to start small and see how it goes before changing models or adding something new, but if you start with something that really isn’t what you want then you are unlikely to use it, so be open and honest with yourself and your partner about your sexual fantasies and how buying a sex machine could really help those be fulfilled.

The more attachments they have usually the more you are looking at paying, but if you want a great machine with lots of variety suitable for different purposes then you may be stuck with that. If you are a hetero couple you might want to look at something that comes with both dildo and sleeve, or different options for speed and level of control.

You could also look at something that uses current sex toys but in different ways.

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