A Modest Tribute #KOTW

It’s been very interesting reading through all the posts on the current Kink of the Week theme of “tribute pictures” . . . or more specifically “cum-tributes”.

Interesting because I must confess that I hadn’t thought too much . . . or possibly hadn’t thought enough . . . about the annoyance that receiving unsolicited messages and photos of this nature could have on the recipient.

I’m sure if you have visited me here before, you will know that the majority of my posts are mostly of a “visual” nature. And in the early years of Modesty Ablaze, once I had begun posting more photos of my fun and adventures, I did often receive such “tribute” photos dropping into my in-box. And I will admit to finding them rather enjoyable and flattering.

Occasionally, if the accompanying words were reasonably complimentary and coherent, I would respond with a polite “that’s very nice thank you” or a “glad you found that photo exciting”. But more often than not, I wouldn’t reply . . . but would just enjoy that moment of flattery and excitement.

I suppose I naively assumed that because I found these messages flattering and enjoyable, then others would too.

But, as over the past two or three years those incoming tribute messages became less and less frequent, (I assumed because my increasing “maturity” had lessened my “appeal”), I hadn’t really given the subject much thought.

So, as I say, it has been very interesting and intriguing reading other views and experiences of such tributes. And it has made me realise that although I do still feel flattery and excitement at the thought of someone becoming aroused from a post, or photo on my blog, it is actually the process of that arousal . . . the whys and wherefores . . . that I would most enjoy now. The reasons for the arousal and the rising thoughts during it, rather than just the end-result.

There are lots more “Cum Tributes” experiences to learn about at the current KOTW from rubbing the lips below.

Kink of the Week

Xxx- K

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3 Responses to A Modest Tribute #KOTW

  1. I hope you ate the avocado <3 <3 <3

  2. Bee

    As someone who’s never received a dick pic or cum tribute I’ve always assumed it’s because I’m not attractive enough, who knows but actually I’m also a bit relieved! I need a connection to someone for it to be hot.

  3. For me it is about having a connection with someone. I have received the odd unsolicited one over the years and while I have looked at them with interest and felt a bit flattered they did nothing for me


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