Tips when Dating People from Hookup Websites

Tips When Dating People from Hookup Websites 1

You might be faced with a boring weekend and want to date someone temporarily. Temporary can mean one night stands or a date with someone for two days without the intention of marrying them. If so, then sites for hookups that are the best way to go.

These kinds of websites are for people who want a casual relationship. Hooking up with someone can be exciting, thrilling, and fun and these are just some of the things that these sites aim to give its members. Most of the registered users there are not into long-term relationships so there’s the possibility that you and your match on the site understand that a weekend of dating is just temporary and it is not meant to last.

When dating someone, it is important to clarify whether you are looking for a quick roll on the hay or someone whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. When you are on hookup websites and you already find your match, here are some of the things that you need to remember when setting up a date with them.

Things to Remember when Hooking Up with Someone

Be Upfront with your Intentions
A healthy hookup relationship involves two people who know the things that they are looking for. If they make it clear that they just want to mess around, they won’t worry about the awkward things that usually happen in the morning.

No Stories about Childhood
The whole point of one night stands is that the people involved should carefully guard their feelings. They can’t do that when one of them starts to tell about his or her childhood or other significant life events that happened to them. Hooking up with someone can mean knowing their names but not their entire life story.

Be Careful with Involving your Feelings
There are times when a hookup can lead to a second or a third one. You might feel that you have finally met someone whom you can marry because they are different from the others. But if it is not reciprocated, you can get hurt in the process. Prevent them from scheming or using your feelings against you. If someone you hooked up with does not feel the same way about you, they can manipulate the relationship to their advantage.

Keep your Secrets
Do not divulge your deep secrets to someone whom you’ve just met in online dating sites. Know more about online dating in this link here. Even if you think that you will never meet them ever again after this particular weekend, technology always finds a way of connecting you two. They might blackmail you or ask for money especially if you have a secret that you won’t want your family and friends to know.

Do Not Take Pictures
Unless you decide to become exclusive, do not take photos together and post in on social media. Your family and friends might get a different interpretation of things and you don’t want to be known as someone who has sex with a stranger during weekends. Pictures can be used as evidence and it can be damaging for you especially if you plan to settle in the near future.

Set Rules
It is important to set boundaries and rules. Let the other person know about the things that you want or don’t want to happen when you sleep with someone. You might want to bolt in the middle of the night when the other is still sleeping or you might want to exchange phone numbers and set another date to see each other. Either way, don’t get pissed off when your hookup partner will not show up the next time.

Be Open with Awkward Situations
Awkwardness can’t be avoided sometimes. If certain things make you uncomfortable such as someone threw up because of too much wine during the first date, let them know. They might fart while in bed or you might find that they are hooking up with someone else. These are all totally fine. Let them know in private and laugh it off so that you won’t get the awkward vibe with each other the next time that you are together.

Let them Know if they Turn You Off
There are times when you could not help feeling disgusted with a weird habit that someone might have. If this is your first date and you feel uncomfortable, let them know. Maybe their way of getting off is different from yours. It’s totally fine if you can be upfront that they can get what they need from another person but not from you.


If your current date did not meet your expectations, find another one. The good news is that there are a lot of adult dating sites that can spawn a network of hookers on your local area. Save yourself the headache of going into the local bars and finding a hot companion for the weekend. The sites work and before you know it, you can find yourself with a different partner every week.

As long as you know how to be safe and you establish your boundaries, hooking up with someone should never be a problem. Know at least the name of the person you are hooking up but protect your heart in the process as well. Even if your current partner does not meet your expectations, who knows, the other one may have marriage potential.

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