Modesty Ablaze & The Dark Knight #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze & the Dark Knight

“No I can’t stand closer to him . . . I don’t want to attract attention to myself !!!”

“Just hurry up and take the picture . . . otherwise you’ll have us both locked-up
in the Tower!!!”

Thankfully we made it home safely because I’m looking forward to discovering lots of other Dark-moments and Scary Stories at this week’s Sinful Sunday by rattling on the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

P.S. – I already haveCastle as a category at
Jade’s fun Scavenger Hunt pages, so any suggestions for a new category? “Armoury” perhaps?

There are lots more of my Scavenger Hunt excursions at my
Listings page . . . where there are now over 125 different locations.
Most of which are on my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!

Modesty Ablaze Scavenger Hunt pages

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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16 Responses to Modesty Ablaze & The Dark Knight #sinfulsunday

  1. I totally think suit of armour should be on the list for the Scavenger Hunt. I really need to do some more locations at some point too


  2. Brilliant. I bet he could tell some stories and I am glad that you got home safely to tell your own tale.

  3. I imagine that’s not the first time someone has been standing up to attentionnext to you lol. Great location for a photo

  4. You always manage the best photo locations x

  5. Absolutely tremendous Ms Modesty, as always! x x x

  6. Fabulous. Makes me wish I had been braver outside our hotel room in Spain where a knight such as that lurked. Great photo Modesty xx

  7. I love this! Fabulous setting!

    Rebel xox

  8. Once again Bloody Brilliant! xx

  9. Absolutely fantastic! I marvel at your bravery, nuding up in such a busy location. And you’ve captured a brilliant snap???

  10. Your images always make me laugh. I love your expressions!
    Missy x

  11. I like how it looks like he’s watching you!

  12. Exposing40

    Your ballsiness never fails to impress me!

  13. Bibulousone

    No CCTV cameras I guess!
    Great shot.

  14. Bee

    Absolutely amazing, I just wonder if anyone was hiding in that armour!

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