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Modesty Ablaze thinking on the rocks

This week’s theme of Relationships at Wicked Wednesday, and The Road Not Taken at Food For Thought, are both trigger-points for me, because they both relate to one of the reasons I actually first began my diary-come-blog postings here at the end of 2011.

Marie’s Relationships asks “what kind of relationship works the best for you?” Whilst Food For Thought asks “what kind of person do you think you would be, or what would you be doing now, if you had taken the other road?”

I’ve recounted on lots of occasions over the years, how Modesty Ablaze began and evolved . . . The More I Have is a brief synopsis if you have not visited me here before . . . but all of us encounter moments that can redefine or change our lives . . . and our relationships. And I know that I have been incredibly lucky that that one specific moment that changed my own path, could have turned out so very, very differently.

For me, not being able to live with the feelings of terrible guilt I was going through at the time, I just had to confess to Hubby that I was having an affair. But instead of creating arguments and disgust . . . and the end of our marriage
. . . that confession directly led us both into the most fulfilling and wonderful lifestyle that neither of us could have possibly imagined.

It didn’t all happen at once, of course, but that long, long night all those years ago, started us on a new road, new journeys and new experiences that we are still enjoying and discovering today.

So . . . and I know this is a terrible cliché . . . but I really do think that it is from that honest communicating, opening-up, and talking about things, that the best relationships are built on.

If I had tried to keep my “infidelity” secret, tried to carry on with lies and deceit, with all the “out for the night with the girls” excuses, I will never know where life may have led me. But I am certain it couldn’t have possibly been as fulfilling and empowering . . . and fun . . . as the journey I am, still, enjoying now!!!

And, of course, it almost certainly would never have led to Modesty Ablaze.

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8 Responses to The Road Not Taken #F4T

  1. I have read how Modesty began and evolved and was fascinated and envious – not to mention very happy as I love your blog.
    You are so right – communication is the key to happiness for sure xx

  2. I think so many people don’t have the hard conversations because they’re scared of what that might mean for their own personal journey, but I truly believe that whatever comes of those conversations is better than holding things inside and your case this was definitely true, I am so pleased you began on a path that led you to start Modesty Ablaze, I cannot imagine the blogging community without you x

  3. I do believe that open and honest communication is the best way to go, and I am glad that brought you the wonderful life you have today!

    Rebel xox

  4. Your approach was definitely the best one. Deception is never the way forward, but equally, as Floss said telling the truth is hard. I’m so pleased that your revelation to your husband has led you to be the Modesty we know and love.

  5. That’s so amazing how by having the conversation, you and your hubby were able to open up a whole new level of your relationship and allow you to explore your kinky selves.

  6. I have always loved this story.


  7. That is so very awesome, that a night of true and honest communication led to a whole new journey of fun, trust and kinkiness. I am so glad that you are the Modesty Ablaze you are today, you are inspiration!

  8. I love hearing about other people’s journeys. Relationships – particularly unusual or kinky ones – often take a lot of time and negotiation to become what they are, and being able to see that genesis is fascinating.

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