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This week’s theme at Food 4 Thought Friday asks “The Why of Blogging” and in particular, “What is it that compels you to write?”

I have posted before . . . in July 2014 actually . . . on how Modesty Ablaze first came about in my Past, Present and Why I Blog” Wicked Wednesday post. But as to the how’s and why’s of continuing to post???

Well . . . I suppose it is partly because my pages here allow me to indulge my exhibitionist streak . . . though in “real life” I am actually quite shy and reserved.

But it is also because, despite often worrying that people will surely get bored with my constant “holiday snaps”, I do get so many emails from people asking for more.

No I don’t mean, just asking for more naked photos . . . I mean asking more about my lifestyle, my “kinks”, my experiences . . . and my thoughts on all sorts of relationship or personal issues.

And I often feel guilty that I just can’t seem to find the time these days, to answer all of those messages personally.

So . . . being a more “visual” person, rather than being able to easily communicate my thoughts in words . . . I hope that my occasional photo-posts here express my core belief that above all else, we should always be true to ourselves . . . and always be just who we want to be !!!

And so that is what “compels” me to keep posting . . . as often as time allows . . . here at Modesty Ablaze.

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Xxx- K

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7 Responses to Modestly Why ? @F4TFriday

  1. I think your photos are a fabulous celebration of who you are and the things you enjoy. They always inspire a very specific feeling in me, which is to have more fun, embrace adventure and do things that make me smile. I think your blog is fabulous and I’m always in for a treat when I click on one of your posts 🙂 x

  2. Knightsky

    I could never get bored with your pics modesty. Your a beautiful woman. );

  3. I totally agree with Floss’ comment. I love your photos, they’re always so fun and vivacious, they capture such a sense of beauty, happiness and joy. I always look forward to seeing them ?

  4. I really love looking at your holiday snaps, and reading about your experiences 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. I love the joyful quality of what you do here.

  6. Yes absolutely to this

    “we should always be true to ourselves . . . and always be just who we want to be”


  7. Here, here. Being true to ourselves is important. I’m so glad you’re here and showing us what you’ve got!

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