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Modesty Ablaze Nude on the Beach one

I’m sure everyone loves summer . . . and from reading other posts at the current Kink of the Week page, I know I am not alone in enjoying that lovely feeling of sun on my naked skin.

But for me it is this particular beach that symbolises summer.

I immediately fell in love with it when we first came across it seven years ago. As far as we knew, it was not specifically a “nudist beach”, it was just very secluded. Apart from one other intrepid and lovely couple who were always there before us and always still there when we left, we had the beach virtually to ourselves.

Sometimes there would be a cooling breeze, sometimes not. Sometimes the waves would roll and tumble onto shore, sometimes the water would be as calm as a mill-pond.

Occasionally other people would pass by, walking along to the longer, more sandy beaches, past the rocky outcrops to the right or left of us. But they would never stop.

In the mornings we would see the volunteers from the local turtles trust marking out nesting spots in the sand where turtles had hauled themselves up across the beach during the night to dig and lay their eggs. They’d chat and on occasion, show us the depth of the nests . . . and the eggs . . . and explain how they were dug and that the mother would never return.

But for most of the days we would be in our own small world of peace and tranquility, sun and sand, with just that lovely sound of waves and lapping water.

Over the past three years though our sanctuary has begun to get a little busier, with a few other couples stopping and setting down their mats and umbrellas. On most days there may be five or six other couples on the beach, all of similar age to ourselves . . . and just like us, naked and happy to have found such a wonderful, tranquil, relaxing place.

Modesty Ablaze Nude on the Beach Two

And so this beach . . . even if no longer exclusively “our beach” . . . simply means Summer to me !!!

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5 Responses to Modestly Summer #KOTW

  1. That looks and sounds like a gorgeous place to be!

    Rebel xox

  2. Bee

    That sounds like the perfect beach to me.

  3. It sounds like absolute heaven


  4. Rex

    I love the secluded beaches where we can stroll, leaving ourvlothes behind…not a care in the world. Lovely!

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