A Beginner’s Guide to Swinging_REALSWINGERS

A Swingers Guide to Realswingers
Swinger hookups are not for everyone, but those who like the idea and believe in open relationships can enjoy sex with other people without feeling the guilt that follows cheating. Also, many people out there fantasize about watching their partner have sex with someone else, and swinging is perfect in this case because this fantasy can be fulfilled with a clear conscience. Check out our beginner’s guide before you enter the world of swinging so you get a better sense of what to expect.

Who Can Get Into Swinging?

Singles and couples alike are welcome to join a swinging community of their choice, while it’s important to note that single women are the most popular. Couples can find other couples to swap partners, but you should keep in mind that inviting a single girl to join you is also a form of swinging and the most popular one. The biggest challenge for newbies, in general, is to figure out what they like and how far they can go. Then and only then can they start looking for partners to swing with.

Soft Swing to Dip Your Toes In

A soft swing is perfect for first timers as it involves kissing and touching without going too far. You can do it with your partner present or watch him or her kiss another person or multiple people. This is a very gentle introduction into the world of swinging that is recommended as the first step before you can be sure what you’re comfortable with and what’s off the table.

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Lots of people fantasize about having sex in front of someone else or watching their partner sleep with another person. Swinging fulfills this fantasy and allows couples to watch each other get it on with someone else or have someone watch them in bed. The rules to these scenes are established beforehand and must be agreed upon by every person involved.

Peak Swap

Peak swap is what most people think swinging actually is – having sex with anyone but your partner. Certain variations are allowed, but the point is to engage in sexual activity with a new person or a regular swinging partner, just not your significant other.

Same-Sex Swinging

Same-sex swinging is more popular among women than men, but obviously, that doesn’t mean all gay women partake in swinging. They’re rather good at setting the boundaries and are open-minded to a point unimaginable by most straight couples.


So many men have this fantasy of having sex with two girls at a time, and swinging allows them to live out their dreams. This is precisely why single women are more sought after than single men, and this is the activity of choice of many couples who like to spice things up a little every once in a while. Others use threesomes to explore how far they want to go with swinging, watching as their partner takes another person. Alternatively, you can try having sex with someone else with your partner watching, and see if you feel comfortable enough to pursue swinging on a more regular basis.

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