Modestly On Top #sinfulsunday

Mistress Modesty on top

“You did say Edging was on your list didn’t you?” I asked as I settled down to make myself comfortable.

“What’s that . . . I can’t hear you when you mumble.” I laughed.

“You know what your next lesson is going to be, don’t you??”
“Not to speak with your mouth full !!!”

This month’s theme at Sinful Sunday is for views from Down Low,
and I am sure there will lots more looking-up and down to be discovered
by licking the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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16 Responses to Modestly On Top #sinfulsunday

  1. Violet

    This is so delightful!

  2. VinniethePanda

    That is sooo hot, as a guy I couldn’t imagine a better place to be! Of course as a bi guy I would envision myself standing between his legs sucking his cock and balls!

  3. I think you have the best seat in the house!

  4. Looks like you made yourself comfortable, love the corset, very sexy

  5. You look so amazingly sexy in this


  6. NPE

    My down low is moving up!

  7. Love the image, and your words made me giggle!

    Rebel xox

  8. Love your narrative and the shot is super sexy! xx

  9. Wow K – you look bloody incredible here. xx

  10. Fabulous and what a wonderful view

  11. Bee

    This is just fabulous and you made me laugh!

  12. Great shot, you look fab!

  13. Power. Position. I love this!

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