Sex-Tech for Couples – To Use or Not to Use?

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While we are recording massive growth in different areas of tech, sex-tech appears to be taking a lead position even ahead of drone development. According to an article in Forbes which you can read here, the sex-tech industry is worth about $30 billion with an annual growth rate at about 30%.

To say that this is a massive industry will be a failed attempt at modesty. With this growth rate, it is clear that it is going to be a major global force within a few years. But what exactly do we mean by Sex-tech?

Sex-Tech? What Is This?
To put it in the most basic of terms, this refers to any technology or process driven by technology that has the sole purpose of improving, modifying, innovating or impacting the sexual activities of humans in any way. While it now appears that the growth of this sector has picked up pace, it’s been around for a while.

Some examples of sextech include dildos, vibrators, the fleshlight and recently, the lifelike and life-size human dolls. Current advancements are even adding virtual sexual relations where parties can experience sexual satisfaction virtually, using some devices that will connect them despite being miles apart from each other.

This certainly is a revolution that is gradually but surely catching on. It is now easier than ever before to find a source from which to get any of these tools, be they online or offline. This further confirms its increasing acceptance in the society.

Benefits of Sex-Tech
These sex toys or tech have loads of benefits for the man, woman and the couple. We will be looking at these three categories because if the individuals in a relationship are not doing okay, the relationship cannot work.

Benefits for Men
These tech toys can help men relive a lot of tension whether they are single or in a relationship. Men are biologically known to have an average sexual urge and drive that is higher than that of the average female. Many men will testify to those frustrating times when their partners are not in the mood and so cannot oblige them.

With the right toys, no man has to endure such frustration since you can simply get the relief you desire with any of the many available tools.

Benefits for Women
Men may claim to have a higher sexual urge than the average female but no man can claim to be more sensitive or demanding when it comes to sex. Many females have been left frustrated by insensitive and selfish partners who do not bother to take the time to satisfy them.

Focused only on their own release, they work at it and once they climax (many times too soon), they leave the female literally hanging in space. With the right tool, the female can reach her own fulfillment without recourse to the man.

Benefits for Couples
Couples may probably be the highest beneficiaries here. There are different areas in a couple’s life that these technological innovations can be very useful. Let’s look at some of the more obvious ones.

Adding Spice to Your Sex Life
A lot of people do not appreciate the fact having sexual relations with just one person can get boring very quickly. Variety they say is the spice of life and in no other aspect of life is it more real than in the area of sexual relations.

There is a need for couples to spice up their sexual activities so as to make it more exciting and fresh. There are a variety of sex toys that can help with this.

Helping with Dysfunctions
Many relationships have broken up because of one sexual inadequacy or another. This sadly appears to affect the men the most. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other such situations have caused many female partners a lot of frustration.

There are different tools that can be used to manage some of these conditions. Even if they cannot directly manage the condition, they can at least provide the other person with a route to achieve personal relief.

Stress Arising from Unavailability for Sex
There are times (and this can be very common in today’s reality) when one partner is just too tired to oblige the other. If the other party is seriously in the mood and has no other available option than the tired partner, some strain could result in the relationship from such a situation.

Whether it is the male or the female, they can simply pick up a toy and achieve their sexual bliss by themself.

In conclusion, we can all agree that sex, good sex is essential to most individuals, be they female or male. Whether as individuals or couples, having the ability to have great sexual experiences whenever we desire is something that has now been made very achievable with these tools.

All tools may not work for everyone which is why it is important to take some time to find out what works for you as an individual or as a couple.

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3 Responses to Sex-Tech for Couples – To Use or Not to Use?

  1. I enjoyed this ; some very good points about how sex-tech can be beneficial, rather than horror stories about it being the end of relationships and sexual intimacy.

  2. Paul

    That Tenga Flip machine looks interesting. Are you doing a review like your others.

  3. NPE

    For me, I don’t see the point of masturbation machines. The stimulus is the fantasy, not the machinery.

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