A Modest Run Rate #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 1

As you may remember, I’ve begun to familiarise myself with the game of cricket over the past year. Especially after being told so many times how skilled I am with bats and balls. And, as we are presently hosting the Cricket World Cup,
I thought I would explain some of the basic rules and procedures necessary for one to enjoy the game to it’s fullest extent.

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 2

Firstly, let’s practice in the nets. I normally prefer mine in black of course, but that would hardly be appropriate apparel . . . and would definitely be considered as un-sportsmanlike behaviour . . . which I always try to avoid.

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 3

However, one’s stance can often be used to upset the bowlers concentration,
and try to put him off his stride . . . referred to as “sledging” !!! Mmm . . .

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 4

Which may have the affect of him bowling a “wide”, which the umpire (that quiet gentleman standing nearby in a hat and white blazer), will signal by making a gesture like this . . . well not exactly like this! (He always keeps his blazer on).

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 5

Or, if he makes a gesture like this, it means the bowler has taken one step too far
. . . and it’s ruled as a “no ball” . . . or a “free hit” to you and me . . . and I always enjoy free-hits!

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 6

And both arms held wide like this, signifies that the bats-person has whacked the ball so hard . . . and I do love whacking balls really, really hard . . . that it has scored a “six” (so obviously, that’s where “six of the best” has come from then!)

By the way, these white-boards-on-wheels that I’m standing in front of, are called Sight Screens and are to help us bats-people see the bowlers balls more clearly . . . they’ve cleverly thought of everything haven’t they!

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 7

So let’s leave the boundary and stroll out into the middle . . . as you can see, the covers are completely off . . . so they are not expecting a “sticky wicket” today.

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 8

But let me tell you . . . once I’ve enjoyed a few overs . . . things may get just a little sticky later on. And I don’t mean if rain stops play!!!

Modesty Ablaze Cricket 9

So there you have it . . . I do hope that my short introduction has given a
better appreciation of what is happening when you hear that wonderful sharp smacking sound . . . of bat on balls . . . whether it is on the local village green, or on this summer’s television screens.

There will probably be lots more whacking sights and sounds, to be found at
this week’s Sinful Sunday from gently smacking the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

P.S. – I don’t think there is a “Cricket Pitch” category at
Jade’s fun Scavenger Hunt pages just yet, so I’m hoping that this may
start something new.

There are lots more of my Scavenger Hunt excursions at my
Listings page . . . where there are now over 120 different locations.
Most of which are on my Scavenger Slideshow page as well!!!

Modesty Ablaze Scavenger Hunt pages

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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19 Responses to A Modest Run Rate #sinfulsunday

  1. elliott

    I’ve not seen cricket, but isn’t that kind of a small bat? I guess it would be the right size for the balls I’m thinking of though.

    • Yes we did get some funny looks as we strolled around. Hubby put that down to me carrying “such a small bat” . . . but you’re right, it is just the right size for my “indoors” games !!!
      Xxx – K

  2. Ohhh I wonder if Jade will put this on or make it sports fields…. either way, there are 2 very close to where I live


    • Yes it is so popular isn’t it.
      We’d just sat down on the bench by the nets to scroll through the photos on Hubby’s camera when the local team started to arrive. Within 15 minutes they had removed the rope around the pitch and had the wickets all set-up and had begun their own practising!
      So we were very lucky to have been able to have got in first !!!
      Xxx – K

  3. Your images always make me wanna take part in scavenger hunt!! x

  4. Fab post and I have learned so much about cricket!
    Do have to say I had a great dream only last night where you me and Elliott were all having a bit of a chat with some wine!

  5. This is so much fun!

  6. I love this refresher course in cricket. There was a time when I knew all the rules, but I don’t anymore! Love the fun in this post 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. Fabulous introduction to cricket, I must say your game looks more interesting than some you see on the tv!

  8. I might take an interest in cricket if this is the view!

  9. az_cyclist

    very nice tutorial on cricket, Modesty!

  10. I love the way you have done your rules to cricket and the fun in the innuendos. What a great collection of images too – fun and clever as ever.

  11. Thank you so much for explaining cricket! I had absolutely no idea about this sport. What an entertaining post! Also, as always, you look amazing!

  12. Brilliant post and very daring images!

  13. NPE

    I feel inspired to be whacking hard! 🙂

  14. I’ll be honest anything to do with cricket bores me senseless … until now! I am now imagining a game of nude cricket and that seems much more fun. Although we once had a friend who had a cricket ball on a stick as an impact device and they seriously pack a punch, so I definitely think nude cricket would be edge play :p Fab photos as always xx

  15. Okay, I’m convinced. The only way to properly play cricket is naked or nearly so.

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