Modestly Twisted #wickedwednesday

Mistress Modesty twisting

“You are far too young to remember the dance” I giggled as my sub begged me to Twist ‘more and more please Mistress’ !!!

“Of course, it was well before my time too !!!” I laughed as I rotated further.
“But I do remember seeing people enjoying themselves on the television. Swivelling and Twisting their hips from side to side . . . much like you are doing right now. They all seemed to enjoy it as well”.

And I do seem to recall the song was sung by someone called Chubby . . .
quite appropriate really . . . don’t you think?”

For more “Twisted” thoughts this Wicked Wednesday, gently
twist the button below !!!


Xxx- K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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3 Responses to Modestly Twisted #wickedwednesday

  1. I love your use of the prompt, and the image is intriguing!

    Rebel xox

  2. I do not have balls but your image certainly made me sit up straight and squirm just slightly xx

  3. NPE

    Speaking of a chubby…

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