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Modesty Ablaze Pour Me A Glass Members June

Well another month has flashed by . . . I simply don’t know where the time goes lately . . . but that means it’s time for a new Video and Photo-Gallery for my Pour Me A Glass Members.

I had several . . . interesting . . . suggestions for this month’s meme, and I think both the Video clip and the Photo Gallery, caters for two themes in one, so to speak*. (It was originally intended as a “home clip only” for ourselves actually, with some candid moments of me instructing Hubby about some photos I wanted, so is even more “home-movie-ish” than normal, but it fits the theme request, so I hope you will enjoy!)

And don’t forget . . . as long as it’s fun . . . I’m always happy to receive special requests and suggestions and will do my best to fulfil them.

So . . . May was so busy, that once again I didn’t manage as many posts as
I would have liked, but . . .

My Food Thought Friday post, “Spreading a Little Love”, half way through the month, gave me the opportunity to list a number of wonderful people whose blogs have especially inspired and entertained me in my journey here. And of course, they still do!!! >>> Read more >>>

Last week’s “Modestly Yellow” post at Sinful Sunday, did allow me to share one of our fun outings earlier in the month, frolicking in a lovely and colourful farmers field near-by>>> Read more >>>

And “Modest Print News” from another Sinful Sunday post earlier in the month, brought back happy . . . and fun and naughty . . . memories, from my summer holidays last year. >>> Read more >>>

My most recent post, “Hotel Sheets”, marks my 60th #realworldsex video at the wonderful MakeLoveNotPorn. I know that lots of you are already aware how much I love the ethos and message of MLNP, but when I first started sharing my fun there seven years ago, I never imagined I’d reach sixty, so I am quite thrilled to have made that milestone. >>> Read more >>>

Oh, and just before I go . . . I have had lots of emails asking why I haven’t been posting at Boobday Friday recently. Well, it’s just because things have been so busy that I haven’t had many photo-opportunities for boobday photos this month . . . but I will return I promise.

So . . . thank you so much once again for spoiling me here . . . and helping me keep my glass full !!!

I hope you will enjoy this month’s clips and photos . . . and, as before, if you are already a “Pour Me A Glass” Member, you may log-in with your (new) Members Password details >here< . . . or, there is more information on how to subscribe, >here<.

*Favourite pastimes #2 – It’s a naughty secret, you’ll just have to log-in to see.

P.s. – Lots of you have said how much you enjoy hearing my voice . . . so I thought I would read this month’s newsletter for my “Pour Me A Glass Members”, out aloud below . . .


Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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2 Responses to Pour Me a Glass Members . . . June

  1. Bruce

    Madam Modesty:

    About a year ago, you posted a (WickedWednesday ?) picture of you about to apply your boxing-gloved hands to a ‘willing’ target. Somehow, that pic has really turned me on, even after all these months since I lost access to it. Is there a MLNP video to go with that, IhopeIhopeIhope ?

  2. Good morning Bruce . . . so lovely to hear that you remember certain photos from sometime ago.
    I have emailed you, but do check your spam folder as it contained the video link and so may have gone there.
    In the meantime, the post you mentioned was from a “Sinful Sunday” way back in August of 2017 . . . which you can view here https://www.modestyablaze.com/2017/08/12/modest-punch-sinfulsunday/
    Co-incidentally, today’s “Wicked Wednesday” post features a photo of me taking the same young man in hand, during a much more recent fun session.
    Enjoy !!!

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