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This week’s Food 4 Thought Friday is about highlighting five blogs within theSex Blogging Communitythat we particularly enjoy . . . and therefore by definition . . . that we find inspiring.

Pick five blogs that you follow at random and tell us what it is about them that you particularly enjoy. How did you find out about them?

Well, as you may have gathered from my occasional postings here, I am definitely more “visual” in the way I approach . . . well, life in general really . . . and that is usually reflected in not just my own posts here, but also in the blog sites I follow and most regularly visit.

And I don’t know about you, but for me everyday life just seems to actually get busier and more and more hectic as every year passes. So that often makes it difficult to keep up with, and visit, everyone’s posts as regularly as I’d like to. And there are simply so many wonderfully exciting, entertaining and insightful blog pages within the “community” that it seems almost churlish in a way to single-out just five. But, I do like rules . . . usually making them, and often breaking them . . .

So . . . I always take enjoyment from the following wonderful websites:

Rebels Notes – Marie’s blog was one of the first “sex-blogging” sites I came across when I started wondering about, and joking with Hubby about, “publishing” my own experiences in the form of a blog page of my own. The honesty, sincerity and directness of Marie’s writings about her journey, and lifestyle, immediately struck a chord. And the more I read, the more in awe I became . . . and have remained ever since. And not just of her posts, but also of her regular photographic updates of her tattoos and piercings.

And it was through following Marie’s Rebels Notes that I soon discovered . . .

Sinful Sunday – Now as I said, I am a “visual” person so discovering Molly’s weekly home for “sinful” photo-erotica was an absolute joy. And it has since become one of our weekly highlights to browse through the collection of fun, clever, beautiful and artistic photos and pictures. And as well as the exciting tingles, and the fun giggles and gasps, it is the expression of positivity about our bodies and our sexuality that resonates so strongly with my own feelings that brings me so much joy at Sinful Sunday every week.

And on the subject of beautiful and clever photo-erotica . . . Sinful Sunday guided me directly to Exposing 40.

Don’t you find that sometimes you know immediately, on seeing that first photo, on hearing that first song, that you will just love everything that person does. Always. Well that is how I felt on my first viewing of Exposing 40 . . . and that is how it has remained. She just seems to have a natural eye for capturing her subjects so perfectly, every time. And yet it is not just her photos that inspire, or have me nodding in agreement, it is the insight and commonsense-ness of her posts that I so enjoy as well.

Another linking click-through from Sinful Sunday sometime ago, led me to If Sex Matters the home of the wonderfully cheeky and exciting May More.

At first it was her gorgeous, and fun, photos that drew me in. But soon, in much the same way as the connection I felt with Marie’s Notes, I felt an empathy and admiration for May’s writing and openness of her experiences and background. And, more recently, an almost voyeuristic attraction to her erotic stories . . . and I am sure that you will find the same!

And finally, but never ever last-ly !!! . . . you know how I keep saying I’m more “visual” and how much I love the erotic in photo-erotica and it is usually the photos that capture my eye before the words? Well that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy erotica in my reading time as well.

And there is one person, one website, that always inspires me to make special reading time . . . because “Everyone Needs a Bedtime Story” and Kay Jaybee is certainly the most erotic, and exciting, writer I have ever read.

I had randomly picked a book from the shelf on my first visit to Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in Hoxton, and knew instantly as I read one, then two, then three paragraphs on the page I had flicked to, that I needed to take it home with me. “Buy me this, now!” I whispered hoarsely as I thrust ‘The Perfect Submissive’ into Hubby’s hand.

And I’ve had the same, tingly, reactions with every one of Kay’s books since. Always exciting, always imaginative . . . and always, always erotic . . .

Pick five posts/pages from your own blog that you are particularly proud of and include the links in your post.

As I always say, my pages here have grown from a joke and a dare to just indulge in a little bit of “anonymous exhibitionism” about my lifestyle and experiences, to suddenly feeling that we all have a right, a need . . . a duty even . . . to express our beliefs in one’s sexuality and freedom to choose.

So, although neither myself, nor Hubby, have the artistic skills for photography as displayed every week at Sinful Sunday, I am happy and ever hopeful that my occasional Scavenger Hunt adventures, and our memories of Polaroid Pasts, go someway to illustrate how important I feel it is to accept ourselves, for who and what we are. And, to have as much fun as we can as we naturally change and develop throughout lifes’ journey!!!

Similarly, I hope that by sharing my enthusiasm for the “Real World Sexual Values” of fun and adventure, at my Make Love Not Porn pages, will show how important I believe it is to embrace and be proud of our sexual desires and fantasies . . . and to communicate those feelings about what we like, or might like to try, to our partners-in-life.

And, although I can never, ever write erotica in the way that Kay or May can, I do hope that by sharing some of my own lifestyle experiences from the Diaries that I have kept for years and years (and years!), it may possibly help others accept that sexual feelings, attractions . . . and desires . . . are not only normal but one’s personal right to explore and enjoy . . . without guilt or shame !!!

But whichever pages, or posts, people visit here, or at any of the Five websites above . . . or indeed any sites in the “Sex Blogging Community” . . . I’m sure we all share one thing in common. The hope that all our visitors will be able to smile and feel better than when they arrived !!!

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Xxx- K

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  1. Oh K, you have made me blush with your lovely words. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, and for your beautiful words.

    Rebel xox

  2. Some excellent selections.

  3. I don’t know what to say. I’m actually blushing here.

    You’re amazing. I’m touched you like my words. It means a lot to me. You’ve been a wonderful cheer leader for me over the years- always and forever appreciated xxxx

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