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As I mentioned in my April news-post, I had a full-on month of pre-booked fun ahead . . . and that’s certainly how it turned out!!!

And . . . this month’s members video will illustrate exactly the sort of fun I enjoyed. And you will also be happy to know, that watching the playback has inspired me to ask Hubby to put together a collage . . . for May’s photo-gallery
. . . collected from some of our recent, similarly-themed, fun*.

So . . . I hope you will enjoy viewing as much as I enjoyed indulging . . . and thank you so much once again for spoiling me here . . . and helping me keep my glass full !!!

As you may imagine, April was so so busy that I didn’t have a lot of free time for my postings here . . . but just in case you may have missed some of them . . .

I haven’t paused for Food Thought on a Friday for awhile, but this week’s questions happened to especially intrigue and interest me. >>> Read more >>>

My Modest Anticipation post generated a lot of questions from people as to where my sparkly-red dildo had come from. Well, actually it came from the lovely people at Godemiche and, as you can probably tell, is my new favourite Strap-On >>> Read more >>>

Another of my Sinful Sunday posts, Modestly Grushing, also generated a lot of emails and DM’s . . . asking “is the head really that big???” Well the answer is YES actually . . . and I do so love playing with it !!! >>> Read more >>>

And thank you so much to all of you who have gifted from my new “Dress me as you wish-list” at BrightenMyDay. You have certainly kept me busy modelling photos of the lovely items I have received and I hope there will be more to pose for this month!!! >>> Read more >>>

As before, if you are already a “Pour Me A Glass” Member, you may log-in with your (new) Members Password details >here< . . . or, there is more information on how to subscribe, >here<.

P.S. – I realise they may not always be to everyone’s tastes . . . but as I always say . . . as long as it’s fun and completely consensual, I will certainly consider all of your themes and suggestions.

*Favourite pastimes 1 – Giving Head

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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  1. Paul

    That video is amazing especially what you say at the very ending. Photos are great as well – your amazing woman 😉

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