A Modest Hat #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Top Hat 1

I don’t often wear hats but I am drawn to unusual, or different, designs. So I enjoyed coming across this rather fun “Top Hat” on a recent excursion.

I’d only just taken off my dress, whilst waiting for Hubby to get his camera ready, when I saw other walkers emerging on the path over his shoulder. Lots and lots of other walkers actually! So I quickly ducked behind the tree, slipped my dress back on, and told Hubby he’d have to catch me up as I strode off ahead of him.

Modesty Ablaze Top Hat 2

Luckily though, the path wasn’t quite so busy later on when we walked back towards the car park . . . so we had time for a more relaxed pose!

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Modesty Ablaze Expose Vu

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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10 Responses to A Modest Hat #sinfulsunday

  1. The hat suits you modesty and u look splendid with all that greenery around u xx

  2. Cheeky, sexy perfection!

  3. Fun and brazenly sexy, as always.

  4. I really look forward to your images as they always bring a surprise to my face with your commitment to taking them in unusual place. This one is brilliant. missy x

  5. Elliott

    For some reason that top photo makes me think of Miss America. But I know you are Mistress UK.

  6. Bee

    What a brilliant location!

  7. How very Alice in Wonderland! Love it

  8. What a fantastic hat! Your posts always make me smile. They also make me take notice of the world around me… For my own mischievous exhibitionism. ? Xxx

  9. Neagu Mircea

    I Like ! Beautiful Blonde !

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