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As this week’s Food For Thought Friday so correctly says . . . “the type of sex we have often depends on the mood we are in and the circumstances we find ourselves in. Sometime we like to take our time, draw things out, wallow in extended foreplay and have things take as long as possible. At the other extreme, sometime the mood grabs us and all we we have time for is the heady rush of a quickie in the most inappropriate of locations.”

I couldn’t agree more . . . so my responses to the following questions, would be:

When you are in the mood, do you initiate sex, or do you wait for your partner to do so?

I’m a great believer in letting things just develop, or happen, naturally. Quite often the best, and most fulfilling, of liaisons occur quite spontaneously without particularly planning or desiring something in particular. And if the chemistry, and the situation I find myself in, is right . . . then lovely things often just happen of their own accord.

What are your preferred means of letting your partner know that you are in the mood?

For me it is always through laughter and subtle touches . . . suggestive comments and recalling previous fun situations. And then probably reaching out for the others hand, stroking their arm or a gentle squeeze or cuddle.

What methods of foreplay do you most enjoy?

Kissing . . . it must always start with a kiss. Casual and teasing at first, slowly becoming more and more passionate . . . and then !!!

What methods of foreplay would you like more of or more often?

Well . . . once those passionate kisses have got me going, I tend to forget about foreplay!!!

What was the most daring/risky quickie that you have ever had, and how did it come about?

I had to really think about this question as I’m not a fan of a “quickie”.
I much prefer to not rush things, but to take ones time and relax into those special moments of togetherness.

But I suppose the most “risky” liaison I have had, was some years ago on a
night-out for “just for a drink” with one of my lovers. We’d decided to take a detour through our local park . . . and pause for a “rest” on a bench on one of the pathways. As was usually the case, I’d gone without knickers, so was able to easily sit astride his lap . . . and quickly get carried away with myself, thinking about how much Hubby would enjoy me telling him all about our “rest” . . .
as soon as I got home!!!

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  1. I completely agree with the fact that it’s often best just to let things devlop and have the mood take you where it will.

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