Guide to Finding the Best Dildos for Women

Getting a sex toy is one of the best ways to spice up your solo bedroom play, add some fire to your relationship or simply survive when your partner is far away on a business trip. For the inexperienced, shopping for a dildo isn’t going to be an exactly easy task. Luckily you have guides like this as one of the top resources online to help you find the perfect plaything.

Guide to finding the best dildos for women 1

There are a number of factors to consider when picking out a dildo. The ultimate goal is to find something that can bring you maximum pleasure. This means everything has to be spot on in terms of the shape, size, material and even the color and texture of the dildo. You also have to decide whether you want a vibrating dildo or not. Your choice of dildo should also be safe to use.

There is a plethora of options to choose from which presents exciting variety but at the same time might leave you confused as to which one to choose. Here’s a quick guide on the things to look out for when shopping for a dildo.


When shopping for dildos, you will find a lot of variety in terms of shapes to choose from. Generally, Curved dildos are considered the best for working the G-spot and hitting it right on. However, some women might just find the twisted contoured types better and a preferred option for them. If what you are looking for is something that feels more realistic, then a dildo sculpted to look like an actual penis should be your choice. Some of them even come complete with veins and ridges to further improve the look and feel.

Size: Girth and Length

The same way women have preferences in terms of penis size, the size of your dildo is also a major requirement in choosing the perfect one. If you pick something too small, it might not hit the spot the way you want it to, and you might not even be able to use the dildo at all if it is too large. 

Again, choosing a perfectly sized dildo depends both on experience and fantasy. You might judge what would be the perfect size for you based on your previous experience with an actual penis. At the same time, it can be based on partly or entirely on fantasy. You need to consider both the length and girth of the toy you are choosing.

Guide to finding the best dildos for women 2

If you have no prior experience and you are unsure of what would be a perfect size, you can carry out a small test to verify the perfect dildo size using fruits. Find out more on how to do that here.

Another innovative way to work your way around the problem of size when using a dildo is to but an inflatable dildo which can be pumped up after insertion. That way you can still get the full fill-up feeling without having to bother so much about insertion.

Material: the flexibility of your sex toy this depends almost entirely on the material it is made of. If you want something solid and rigid, then a metal or glass dildo is the perfect choice in terms of material. Silicone dildos also offer a lot in terms of flexibility but still has a solid feel to it as well making it great for hitting the G-spot. You should consider Jelly or rubber dildos if you prefer something softer. They are also easier to insert and will require you to use less lube compared to the solid types.

However, when considering the material, flexibility isn’t the only thing that is affected. You have to consider how easy it will be to maintain and clean your dildo. A jelly dildo, for example, is harder to maintain than a glass or silicone type since it tends to be permeable to water.

The material type also determines how adaptable your dildo will be to use. Glass and metal dildos, for example, can be warmed up or cooled to add extra variety to bedroom play. A silicone dildo also warms up very quickly and adjusts to body temperature than other types of dildos.

If you want something that feels as close to the real deal as possible, then a realistic dildo is a recommended choice. Not only are they shaped to look like a real penis. But they are also made with materials such as Cyberskin which give them a feel similar to that of an actual penis. However, just like jelly, realistic dildos are also hard to clean which is a downside if you are considering buying them.

A workaround for the problem of maintaining and cleaning your dildo is to always use a condom with it anytime you use it. This will reduce how often you have to clean it up and help prolong its life.

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The base of the dildo: many women might not give thought to this point when purchasing their sex toy but as you might come to find out it plays a part in how convenient playing with your dildo will be. A dildo with a balled end gives you greater control over the toy and helps to attain deeper thrust. One with a suction cup at the base is a recommended choice if you intend to attach your toy to a surface to use. Lesbian couples and some straight couples looking to experiment might find a strap-on dildo the perfect choice for them. You can also look out for regular dildos that are harness compatible for this same purpose.

There is no stereotyped guide or fixed rule for choosing a dildo. At the end of the day, your choice depends largely on your personal preferences. You might not always get it right the first time, but with time and experience, you will get better at choosing a dildo on your own.

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