Fernery Revisited #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Fernery 1

It’s always nice returning to favourite places . . . places one feels comfortable in
. . . just unwinding and relaxing in beautiful surroundings!

Modesty Ablaze Ferns 2

And I always love to return to this cool and peaceful fernery . . . right in the centre of the wonderful Botanical Gardens I last visited in 2014.

Modesty Ablaze Ferns 3

The hustle and bustle of the city streets outside, seem a world away.
And I’m sure that other visitors strolling the paths behind me feel the same.
Well . . . perhaps not exactly the same . . . but I live in hope that some will!

But I do know that there will be more Exciting Expositions at this week’s
Sinful Sunday to be enjoyed from tapping the lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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14 Responses to Fernery Revisited #sinfulsunday

  1. Lovely ferns. You could be a fern dancer. Oh wait… it’s Fan Dancer.

  2. Krystal

    You always seem to be wearing the perfect dress to make photo ops quick and easy…I need more clothing like that!

  3. Your photos always tell such a wonderful story. The scenery looks calm & peaceful. I’m sure you had a relaxing time there.

  4. NPE

    Wow, daring in a garden!

  5. I love your boldness, how you seize the moment! Great candid shots

  6. Such lovely images, K. It makes me long for summer 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. Do you ever get caught. I have come close a few times


  8. I love how relaxed you are out in the open. I’m always so petrified!
    Missy x

  9. These are such vibrant sexy images. And there is something about those glasses… I think it’s the air of sophistication and glamour, coupled with the sheer naughtiness of your exhibitionism…
    Indie xx

  10. Bee

    Well that certainly look less…erm…nippy than my location this week.

  11. You find the most wonderful locations for your photos. Love the ferns in this one 🙂

  12. I’m asking the same question as Molly – have you ever gotten caught ? x

  13. As always, you are sexy and fierce and surprising. Beautiful shots this week!

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