Modestly Bared #Boobday Friday

My Boobday Friday post several weeks ago certainly generated lots of email requests for a more naked view . . . and those emails have continued to pour in!

So to fulfill those requests, I leant towards the camera . . . with barely a moment to spare . . . before leaving for the office this morning!!!

Modesty Ablaze Bared at Boobday Friday

Oh . . . I did manage to quickly pull a blouse and skirt on before
rushing for my bus!!!

But you will probably find more leisurely, and better composed,
Boobday Friday breasts bared today by clicking below!

Boobday is a body-positive meme where women share images of their bodies in order to show that there is beauty in all of us.  With confidence comes power and with power comes confidence.

Be sure to visit . . . and why not join-in . . .  Boobday sharing, this and
every Friday, by clicking on Hyacinth’s lovely cleavage below!


Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine


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3 Responses to Modestly Bared #Boobday Friday

  1. Good that you didn’t forget to put on some clothes first! Great image!

    Rebel xox

  2. Breasts are my Achilles’ heel. I feel a very sharp pain in my foot right now!

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