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Modesty Ablaze Exploring

One of the lovely things about being part of this community is the comfort and empowerment one feels from viewing and reading so many sex-positive, and body-positive posts each day from so many fun and creative people.

People from all over the world with a wonderfully diverse mix of interests and ideas about sex and sensuality, fashion and lifestyle, writing and erotica, all sharing their thoughts and experiences through their websites and blogs.

And over the past eight years of my journey here as Modesty Ablaze, I know that my own explorations and experiences have been made all the more complete and enjoyable from knowing that I am not alone in my “kinks” and “desires”.

Knowing that others share similar experiences, means feeling even better about one’s own lifestyle choices . . . and more determined with every passing year, to promote fun and sexuality and being relaxed in mind and body.

And I hope that by sharing my own posts and photos . . . and thoughts and videos . . . that others may feel that same comfort and empowerment that I have.

After all, exploration is all about discovery and enlightenment isn’t it?

Discover many more “Explorations” at this week’s
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Xxx- K

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4 Responses to Modest Exploration #wickedwednesday

  1. I totally agree with you. This community is warm and loving and it’s wonderful to explore oneself and your kinks in such a safe environment ?
    Looking forward to reading more about your explorations.

    Rebel xox

  2. NPE

    Totally agree, had a part forced, part choice absence but am reminded why I missed it over the holidays!

  3. Abs-0-lutely! You’ve nailed it! This is what we give and get from each other. I love how relaxed and honest we can all be with each other, and you are at the top of the heirarchy for this K. Wonderful post and image, as ever.

  4. I’ve only been ‘here” a short time and already I find it has made a huge impact on my life and writing and feelings! Glad to be part and TFS!!

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