Modest Feet #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Feet

Whilst I’ve absolutely loved being on this holiday, I seem to have walked more than ever before.
But it has helped that our lovely apartment has a wonderful deep bath to come home to . . . and just soak . . . at the end of each day.
And, as I’m often asked for more photos of my feet . . . I was thinking as
I lounged . . . that this would be a perfect time for fulfilling those requests!

Modesty Ablaze Toes

And . . . so as not to forget those toes lovers . . .

Now, whilst I continue to enjoy my bubbles, excuse me whilst I browse this week’s  Sinful Sunday for more interesting images beginning with F !!!

Sinful Sunday

Xxx- K


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12 Responses to Modest Feet #sinfulsunday

  1. Love how your pink toes peep out… and this made me want to have a nice hot bath!

    Rebel xox

  2. Sweetgirl

    Cute toes!

  3. You have fabulous-feet – so 2 “F’s” there 😉
    I love to get home to a bath too as apartments on holiday always seem to have showers, and i love to soak in a tub x

  4. A deep bath full of bubbles is bliss!

  5. I do love a good bath after a days walking


  6. Look at those cute toes! A great way to unwind

  7. Even your toes are pretty.

  8. Cat

    Your bath looks so relaxing & soothing.
    Lovely toes peeking through the suds.

  9. I love these K – the addition of the bubbles makes them x

  10. Bee

    I love the pink against the white bubbles *wiggles

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