Modestly Mopping-up #sinfulsunday

“What an earth are you doing?” Hubby whispered from our doorway, after we’d been drenched in a sudden downpour on our way back to the apartment.

“We both nearly fell arse-over-tit as we ran up the stairs didn’t we?
So I thought I’d quickly mop-up in case any of the other guests have the same problem!” I replied as I quickly scrubbed back and forth.

“You’re far more likely to cause an accident if they see you dressed like that on the landing!” he hissed. “Get back inside before you offend someone!”

Well you know me, I’d never wish to cause shock or offence, so I reluctantly finished and put the mop back in the corner. I did think though about suggesting the owners erect a sign similar to the one on the stairs of the apartments we’d stayed at in 2013 !!!

I suspect there will be more sinful adventures to be discovered this weekend by wiping over the Sinful Sunday lips below!Sinful Sunday

Xxx- K


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15 Responses to Modestly Mopping-up #sinfulsunday

  1. You were doing a service surely they could appreciate your efforts. I’d appreciate it

  2. you – looking like that offend someone? I don’t think so! xx

  3. I’d like to take issue with Hubby’s use of the phrase dressed like that.

  4. It is wonderful to see you so happy in your work. x

  5. Safety first and all that. There was a definite method in your madness (and I doubt anyone witnessing it would really have minded…) 😉


  6. You are the sexiest Mrs Mop I’ve eve seen!

  7. I think the other guests will definitely appreciate your effort, and your ‘attire’ 😉

    Rebel xox

  8. I think you were doing a fine public service


  9. Definitely doing a public service, not to mention the health and safety considerations.

  10. I bet you wouldn’t have had any complaints if you were seen x

  11. Exposing40

    As ever I admire your cheek and it’s another happy photo that made me smile! Xx

  12. Bee

    Perfect attire for cleaning…unless there’s someone to do it for you!

  13. Jo

    I for one think this is incredibly thoughtful of you. 😉

  14. Oh this made me smile so much =D fabulous photo and I think it was very kind of you to worry about your fellow guests x

  15. Bruce

    After all these years, this is my favorite picture of you – the smile, the beautiful breasts and the invitation implicit by your spread thighs- I am REALLY, tonguely turned on.


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