Modest Grecian Paddles #sinfulsunday

Modesty Ablaze Grecian Paddles 1982

Modesty Ablaze – Grecian Paddles – 1982

I sometimes think the last 36 summers have passed in the blink-of-an-eye . . . but as this summer draws to a close . . .

Modesty Ablaze Grecian Paddles 2018

Modesty Ablaze – Grecian Paddles – 2018

I’ve been giggling through our #polaroidspast photos today . . . re-living
the fun memories of Grecian paddles . . . and looking forward to getting my
feet wet again next summer!!!

But in the meantime there is sure to be lots more fun photos (and possibly some paddles!!!) at this week’s Sinful Sunday. Just splash the lips below!Sinful Sunday

Modesty Ablaze in Polaroids Past
e Proud of Who You Were . . . and Be Proud of Who
You Have Become!

Join me at #polaroidspast .

Xxx – K



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23 Responses to Modest Grecian Paddles #sinfulsunday

  1. I love your polaroid pasts <3 I think it's super cool – hoping I do similar and look as amazing as you do in the comparison shots. Your body is incredible <3 x

  2. I love when you recreate a polaroidspast! Adore Little K from the past and of course you know what I think of present K.

  3. Oh I love this! How wonderful to see you then and now, and how little you’ve changed! What wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing x

  4. It is brilliant to be able to have this comparison and you really haven’t changed much. I love the idea of your polaroids past and what you have said about being proud of who you were and who you have become really rang home 🙂

  5. Krystal

    It is so cool that you have past photos like this, and I thank you for sharing. I never could have revealed myself like this when I was young, but now wish I would have had that confidence back then to do so. It is awesome that you had the sense of self to take advantage of your youth in pictures.

  6. Submiss34F

    Such a wonderful thing to have such old but hot photographs and be able to recreate them!
    Missy x

  7. This is our favorite post from you, EVER, and that’s saying a lot! LOVE it! ~C

  8. You’ve always been fierce! Your face is radiant in the second photo.

  9. Thanks for sharing your beauty with the world!

  10. This is such a wonderful post, and it was immediately recognisable as you even in the thumbnail without my glasses on, so you definitely haven’t changed. I must say there is something more free about you in the second photo, maybe more relaxed and more you x

  11. I love these images from your past and how you have recreated them now. I think you look amazing in both of them but there is a joy in the second one that just seems to be so YOU


  12. Just gorgeous – you look fantastic in both – more at one with yourself now though x

  13. I really love seeing the comparison photos you post, to see in which ways you have changed, and in which ways not. Really lovely!

    Rebel xox

  14. I love the smile and the joy on your contemporary picture. You look lovely 🙂

  15. Just fantastic Miss Modesty, I absolutely love these time lapse shots ???
    You get even more gorgeous and joyful every year x

  16. Love this with a passion

  17. bibulousone

    You look wonderful in both images

  18. Such a great idea to post these two wonderful images. You look so natural and so happy. A joy to see!

  19. Not sure I can add much, these are wonderful xx

  20. Bee

    I love these blasts from the past but your smile in the latest one just sums up the joy of summer and beaches!

  21. These are so fun!

  22. Gorgeous in 1982, even moreso in 2018. Well done.

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